Bold and the Beautiful 12-29-21 Recap 29th December 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 12-29-21 Recap 29th December 2021

Zende told Paris that he had something special planned for her. He said her being in his life was the best thing that has happened to him. He wanted to show her how special she was. Sheila went to see Taylor. Taylor wanted to know what she wanted. Sheila said she wanted to thank her for talking Steffy into letting her see her son and her grandson. She said she wished there were more people like that out there.

Quinn talked to Carter about Zende wanting her to design a ring. She said Zende was going to propose to Paris tonight. Sheila gave Taylor a cactus. She said it was symbolic. Sheila said she was going to leave because she knew she was busy. She assumed Taylor was going to be with her children and grandchildren. She said maybe Ridge would come by. Taylor said that wasn’t going to happen because he was out of town.

Bold and the Beautiful 12-29-21 Recap 29th December 2021

Sheila startles Taylor with an unannounced visit to her office.Brooke unwittingly falls into Sheila’s trap while celebrating the holiday.

Bold and the Beautiful 12-29-21 Recap 29th December 2021

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Deacon showed up at Brooke’s house. He thanked her for inviting him over. Deacon asked if Ridge was there. Brooke said he was on a business trip and would be home soon.  Deacon, Brooke, Hope and Liam toasted to the New Year. Taylor thanked Sheila for coming by. Sheila said she extended an olive branch. She said good things happened to good people.

Brooke wanted to toast for a wonderful and happy future together. Hope and Liam left the house. Deacon thanked Brooke for letting him be there. He said she could have kept him from being able to spend time with Hope, but she didn’t. He said he was a new man. He said he was going to prove it to her.

Carter sent Paris a text to let her know that Zende planned on proposing. Zende told her that he never met a person like her. Brooke was dressed for Ridge to come home. When the door opened, it was Deacon. He said he forgot his phone. He asked if Ridge was home. She said he was on his way. When Deacon was about to leave, Brooke’s phone rang. Ridge told her he wasn’t coming home. He said there was a storm so the plane had to land. 



Bold and the Beautiful 12-29-21 Recap 29th December 2021.


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