Bold and the Beautiful 12-31-21 Recap 31st December 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 12-31-21 Recap 31st December 2021

Deacon overheard Brooke talking on the phone with Ridge. Ridge told Brooke that he wouldn’t be home because of the weather. She wanted him to keep her updated. When she got off the phone, Deacon checked on her. She knocked over the champagne bottle. He wanted to stay so she wouldn’t be alone. She said he had too much to drink. He said she was the one who was stumbling.

Deacon asked Brooke if she was drinking. She said she wasn’t drinking. She said she had one toast. She poured herself a drink. He said it wasn’t a good idea. She said he was being a downer. She took a shot. She wanted him to join her. He agreed to the drink.

Brooke poured her and Deacon some drinks. He told her that he used to dream about being a part of Hope and her life. He said it reminded him of their good times. They thought about their passion when they made love. She started to get turned on. She said she should cut him off. He told her how much he thought about her.

Bold and the Beautiful 12-31-21 Recap 31st December 2021

Carter receives a surprise from Paris after giving her a heads up about Zende’s proposal.In a vulnerable state, Brooke finds herself alone with Deacon, rehashing their affair. Episode 12-31-21 will not be due to the holiday in the USA (New Year). The next episode is on Monday.

Bold and the Beautiful 12-31-21 Recap 31st December 2021

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Steffy, Finn, Thomas, Taylor and the kids waited to ring in the new year together. Steffy asked if Taylor spoke to Ridge. Taylor said she hadn’t spoken to him yet. Kelly saw the cactus Sheila gave to Taylor. Kelly touched it and got hurt. Steffy was upset.

Steffy asked Taylor if she and Sheila were friends. Taylor said she wanted Sheila to get better. She said it would help her keep an eye on Sheila. Taylor said she wanted Douglas with them, but he was with Hope.

Ridge called Steffy. She put him on speakerphone. He told them he wouldn’t make it home in time to ring in the new year. When Ridge got off the phone, Steffy and Thomas said Taylor should spend more time with their father. Steffy thought Brooke would show her cards soon. Thomas said Ridge might realize he had a better option.

Paris got Carter’s warning that Zende was going to propse. She told Zende that she wanted the check. He didn’t want to get the check. He said he looked forward to a future together. She said they were lucky to be young and free. She said they had a lot of life to live. She said they should enjoy each other.

Paris went to Forrester and thanked Carter for the warning. She said she stopped Zende from proposing. She said she never wanted to hurt him. She said she was confused. He said it was okay. They kissed each other. 



Bold and the Beautiful 12-31-21 Recap 31st December 2021.


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