Bold and the Beautiful 2-17-20 Recap 17th February 2020

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 2-17-20 Recap 17th February 2020

Hope was listening to Thomas and Liam arguing at the studio. She joined them when Thomas said he moved on with Zoe. Liam questioned him about what he was doing with Zoe. Zoe came in and asked if that was true. She asked if she was a way for him to get to Hope.

Thomas told everyone that Hope made sense after losing Caroline. He said he and Hope were connected through Douglas, but he moved on. Zoe was happy about that. Liam didn’t buy it.

Bold and the Beautiful 2-17-20 Recap 17th February 2020

Bold and the Beautiful 2-17-20 Recap 17th February 2020

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Liam told Hope that Thomas was manipulating her. She asked if he thought she was stupid. She told him that he was obsessed with Thomas. Liam said he missed her. She said she couldn’t keep doing the back and forth with him. He said he wasn’t with Steffy.

Hope told Liam that she didn’t have to worry about seeing Thomas kissing another woman. She said he would be committed to her. Liam was furious. He told her not to let Thomas suck her back in. He was worried when she didn’t say that Thomas was getting to her.

Brooke told Ridge that Thomas threw Zoe the party to get to Hope. Brooke said he upset Douglas. Ridge defended Thomas kissing Zoe. Ridge wanted to know why she couldn’t forgive Thomas. Ridge said he changed. She said she didn’t think she would be able to trust Thomas.

Brooke noticed Thomas listening to her conversation with Ridge. She told Thomas that he was trying to keep them apart the way he was trying to keep Hope and Liam apart. Thomas how doing something for Zoe became about Hope. Brooke said he was playing on Douglas’ that Zoe was taking Hope’s place. She said he wanted Hope to realize she should be with him. Ridge said it bothered him that when she insults his son. She said he will find out that she was right.

Wyatt told Flo that Sally couldn’t catch a break. Flo thought Sally should have a lot of time ahead of her not just weeks. He said he couldn’t get over it. She said Sally might open up to him if he spent time with her. She said Sally shouldn’t spend her dark days alone. He thought she was right. He said that he had to be there for Sally. He told Flo he loved her. He said he would stop being around Sally if it became uncomfortable for her.

Sally told Katie that she couldn’t design. Katie was upset that Sally didn’t go to her appointment. Katie told her not to give up. Sally said she wouldn’t waste the time she had left. Katie said having her loved ones around helped her. Sally didn’t want anyone’s pity. She really didn’t want Wyatt’s. Sally had a headache. Katie told her to see the doctor. Sally said she would be okay. When Sally stood up, she almost fell. Katie caught her. 

Bold and the Beautiful 2-17-20 Recap 17th February 2020.


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