Bold and the Beautiful 3-19-20 Recap 19th March 2020

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 3-19-20 Recap 19th March 2020

Katie and Brooke talked about Brooke getting back together with Ridge. They talked about Quinn trying to get Shauna to be with him. Brooke thanked Katie for being there for her. Brooke told her that she was glad that things are working out for both of them. When Brooke was by herself, she thought about kissing Bill.

Wyatt told Flo that Sally hasn’t told him what was wrong with her. He said he wished she would. He said he wanted Sally to trust him even though he saw why she didn’t trust him. He said he didn’t like that they are keeping secrets from each other.

Bold and the Beautiful 3-19-20 Recap 19th March 2020

Bold and the Beautiful 3-19-20 Recap 19th March 2020

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Wyatt told Flo that Sally spilled juice. He said he acted as if it wasn’t a big deal. Flo said she loved him even more for doing this for Sally. He liked how Flo was letting him do this.

Dr. Escobar went to the beach house. She told Sally that she couldn’t keep avoiding her. She suggested that Sally tell people what’s going on with her. Sally told her to leave. They got into an argument. Sally said she would do things her way. 

Wyatt walked in while Sally and Dr. Escobar were arguing. Dr. Escobar was glad to meet Wyatt. She said he deserved to know what was going on. Sally interrupted and said she would do it. She said she didn’t want him to look at her differently, but he needed to know the truth. She said she was dying. He was shocked.

Quinn told Shauna that the video was proof that Brooke cheated on Ridge. Quinn said she had something to take down Brooke and ruin her relationship with Ridge. Shauna said before Brooke kissed Bill, Ridge told her that he wanted to get back together with Brooke.

Shauna told Quinn that she went to the cabin to tell Brooke that she didn’t have to worry about her coming between her and Ridge. She said she saw Brooke and Bill kiss. Quinn wanted to show Ridge the video. She didn’t think he would be shocked. Shauna said she wouldn’t let Ridge see the video.

Quinn told Shauna that she didn’t do anything wrong. She said Ridge had a right to know. She thought Brooke would hide it. Quinn said Katie has been good to Flo. Quinn said this was Shauna’s chance to get Ridge. Shauna said she couldn’t say anything about Brooke kissing Bill when she kissed Ridge. Quinn said that was different. She said Ridge would want to know the truth. 

When Shauna went to get something to drink, Quinn sent herself a copy of the video. Shauna said she couldn’t cause Ridge any pain. She deleted the video. 

Bold and the Beautiful 3-19-20 Recap 19th March 2020.


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