Bold and the Beautiful 3-20-20 Recap 20th March 2020

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 3-20-20 Recap 20th March 2020

Quinn watched the video of Brooke kissing Bill. Quinn was happy when she saw it. Ridge came in to get his things so he could move in with Brooke. Quinn asked if he wanted to do that. He was upset when she asked him that. He said Brooke has been loyal to him. He kept getting his things.

Flo told Shauna that she wanted Sally to tell Wyatt about her illness. Flo said she was glad that Wyatt was with Sally. Flo said she trusted him. Shauna said she didn’t want to see her get hurt. Shauna said people could surprise you.

Bold and the Beautiful 3-20-20 Recap 20th March 2020

Bold and the Beautiful 3-20-20 Recap 20th March 2020

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Sally noticed that Wyatt didn’t seem surprised that she was dying. She asked if he knew. He said he did. Sally asked if Katie told him. Sally wanted to know if he was pretending to leave Flo and coming back to her. She wanted him to tell the truth.

Wyatt said he wanted to be there for Sally. She said he felt sorry for her. He said he exaggerated a little about Flo. Sally figured out that Flo knows too. Sally said she has been their charity case. Sally asked if he and Flo broke up. He said they didn’t. Sally assumed he was going back to Flo after she died. She couldn’t believe she was so stupid. When she tried to leave, she fell.

Dr. Escobar warned Sally about stress. Wyatt wanted Sally to stay at the beach house. He said she couldn’t go through this alone. Sally said she was lucky to have him. He wanted her to fight and listen to her doctor.

When Wyatt left, Sally talked to Dr. Escobar. Sally wanted to know what Dr. Escobar warned her to do. Sally asked if she wanted her to find Wyatt and tell him the truth. Sally asked if she wanted her to tell Wyatt that she wasn’t dying.

Eric was happy that Brooke was back with Ridge. Ridge thought it would work out this time. She thought the same thing. She said she was happy that Ridge never filed the divorce papers. They talked about the gift Ridge gave Brooke. Ridge gave the link to the app so he could add pictures to the photo album. Brooke couldn’t wait to see what he added.

Brooke mentioned Quinn. Eric said she sounded like Stephanie. Brooke thought that was a compliment. She agreed to get along with Quinn. He said Quinn was a supporter of her and Ridge. Brooke was skeptical about that.

When Eric went home, he and Quinn talked about Brooke and Ridge getting back together. Eric told her about the digital album. He said he was adding pictures to it.

Brooke and Ridge looked at the photo album. Brooke and Ridge kissed. The picture of her kissing Bill popped up. Quinn was happy that she uploaded the picture. 

Bold and the Beautiful 3-20-20 Recap 20th March 2020.


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