Bold and the Beautiful 3-25-20 Recap 25th March 2020

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 3-25-20 Recap 25th March 2020

Steffy asked Ridge if things were okay with him and Brooke. He said it was. He told her that Brooke was right about Thomas. Ridge said he wasn’t going to question anything else Brooke told him. Steffy said she would go to the party. Ridge said Bill would be at the party since he loved Katie.

Brooke told Quinn that she was going to stop attacking her marriage. Brooke said she knew Quinn put the video in the digital photo album. Quinn said Eric would be upset about the accusations. Brooke said Eric would be upset about what Quinn did.

Bold and the Beautiful 3-25-20 Recap 25th March 2020


Bold and the Beautiful 3-25-20 Recap 25th March 2020

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Quinn asked Brooke about kissing her sister’s man. Brooke called her shameless. Quinn thought it was funny that Brooke would say that about her. Brooke wanted to know how she got the video. Quinn said Ridge would want answers too. Brooke wanted to know if she has been watching her. Quinn said she was home with Eric. Quinn said payback is a you.

Brooke thought Shauna recorded the video to break up her marriage. Brooke called her a crazy interloper.  Brooke said she fought back hard. Brooke said no one was going to come between her and Ridge.

Quinn said Shauna went to the cabin to defend Brooke’s marriage. Brooke told Quinn to delete the video. Quinn said Shauna erased it and didn’t upload the video. Brooke knew Quinn did it. Brooke called her a conniving witch.

Quinn told Brooke that she was going to expose her at the party. Quinn said she felt sorry for Ridge and Katie. Brooke said she and Bill got caught up. She said it meant nothing. Quinn asked if she thought about Katie. Quinn said Katie would be devastated. She said Ridge would be too. She said Brooke destroyed Ridge and Katie.

Brooke wanted to know what Quinn wanted. Quinn said she wanted respect. She also wanted Brooke to leave Ridge and Los Angeles. Brooke said she wouldn’t be blackmailed. She would tell the truth herself. She said Eric and Ridge would see the kind of person Quinn was.

Donna thought about confronting Brooke about kissing Bill. Katie showed up and asked if she was okay. Donna covered up what was going on. Katie looked at the photo album. Donna got scared when she turned it on. Bill showed up. Donna looked at him. Bill noticed her staring at him.

Katie talked about Brooke and Ridge’s love. Donna asked if Katie was Bill’s one and only. Ridge and Steffy showed up. They wondered where Brooke was. Katie said Donna wouldn’t say. Bill said Ridge wouldn’t have to reconcile with Brooke od he supported her. Katie pulled Bill away. Ridge asked Donna about the digital photo album. 

Bold and the Beautiful 3-25-20 Recap 25th March 2020.


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