Bold and the Beautiful 3-27-20 Recap 27th March 2020

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 3-27-20 Recap 27th March 2020

Katie wanted to know what was going on. Ridge asked Brooke what was going on too, Katie wanted to know when it happened. Ridge asked Brooke why she was kissing Bill. Shauna told Flo that she was leaving town. Flo told her that she was just leaving because of Ridge. Flo told her that she was running away. Shauna told her that Ridge was back with Brooke.

Bold and the Beautiful 3-27-20 Recap 27th March 2020


Bold and the Beautiful 3-27-20 Recap 27th March 2020

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Katie asked Bill if he has seen the video before. Bill said he didn’t. Katie asked Brooke if she saw it. Eric asked if it happened when Brooke and Bill were together. Quinn said it looked recent since Beth’s baby monitor was on the table. Katie said she didn’t want to go through this again. Ridge said Brooke wouldn’t do that to him because they were getting back together. He said they were celebrating getting back together.

Flo tried to convince Shauna to stay in town. Shauna told her they could still see each other. Flo said she liked having her around. Shauna said Ridge didn’t ask her to move. Flo said she understood why she fell for Ridge because he was amazing. They talked about when Shauna kissed Ridge. Flo asked her not to leave.

Brooke told everyone that she was distraught over Thomas. Ridge couldn’t believe she used his son to justify what she did. He couldn’t believe that she would do that with Bill and to Katie. Ridge asked if she was going to tell him. She said she was going to tell him after the party. Katie was upset. Ridge couldn’t believe she would do this to him. Katie was upset with Brooke. Katie didn’t want to hear anything. Brooke told Ridge that it was a mistake. She wanted to make it right.

Shauna told Flo not to worry about her. Flo said she wanted her to be happy. Flo said she could be happy without Ridge. Shauna said it wasn’t about that. Flo said she could set her up with different guys. Shauna told her that she would be okay. Shauna thought that the Logans would accept Flo soon. Flo wanted to know why Shauna was leaving now.

Brooke wanted Ridge to let her explain a few things. Ridge wanted to know what else she had to say. She said she was upset and Bill was being a friend. He asked if she kissed all of her friends. Bill interrupted and said he went to Brooke because of Ridge. Bill blamed him for why he kissed Brooke. Bill told him that Brooke needed to be heard and he tried to comfort her. Katie asked if he comforted her by kissing her. He said it was a one-time thing that would never happen again. Brooke asked them to forgive her and Bill. Bill told Ridge not to take it out on Brooke. Ridge hit Bill. Ridge said Bill and Brooke betrayed everyone. Ridge told Brooke that whenever they get close to being together, Bill comes between them. He didn’t understand what she needed in Bill.

Shauna told Flo that something happened. Shauna said something happened between Brooke and Bill. Shauna said Brooke wasn’t as committed to Ridge.

Ridge wanted to know where the video came from. He wanted to know why someone wanted them to see it. Brooke told him that she hurt the two people she cared about more than anything. She said Bill was trying to comfort her. She told Katie that Bill loved her. Brooke said Bill didn’t want her. She told Katie not to let this tear their family apart. Brooke told Ridge that they were going to celebrate their family. She said she loved him. She said he was her destiny. She said she loved him and wanted him to forgive her. 

Bold and the Beautiful 3-27-20 Recap 27th March 2020.


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