Bold and the Beautiful 4-9-19 Recap 9th April 2019

Bold and the Beautiful 4-9-19

Bold and the Beautiful 4-9-19 Recap 9th April 2019

Bold and the Beautiful 4-9-19 Recap, Quinn was shocked that Shauna said Bill could be Flo’s father. Quinn also realized that Flo could be Wyatt’s sister. Quinn was stunned. She wondered how that could happen. Bill said that it might not be true. He told them to go to Spencer so they could figure out what was going on.

Hope talked to Zoe about Thomas losing Caroline. Zoe suggested that Hope try to have another baby. Zoe thought it might help her. Hope told her that spending time with Douglas helped. Hope thought she should reach out to Flo. Zoe didn’t think that was a good idea.

Bold and the Beautiful 4-9-19 Recap 9th April 2019

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Bold and the Beautiful 4-9-19

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Bold and the Beautiful 4-9-19 Recap 9th April 2019

Hope told Zoe that Flo has been through a lot. She said that Flo was dealing with a loss. Hope thought it would be worth the trouble if Flo could tell her anything.

Flo told Wyatt that she would always love him. They talked about him and Quinn leaving Vegas the way they did. Flo didn’t blame him. She hoped that finding her father would change things for her like it did Wyatt.

Wyatt told Flo to check the email for the DNA kit results. There was still nothing. He tried to make her feel better. Hope called Flo so they could meet. Flo wanted to meet. He told her that he would let her know if he got the results.

Zoe was surprised that Hope invited Flo over. Hope gave Flo a tour of Forrester Creations. They talked about the history between the Logans and Forresters. Hope told her that Steffy was away with the girls. Hope said she hasn’t found peace since she lost Beth. Hope thought Flo could help.

Shauna told Bill that she wasn’t sure that he was Flo’s father. Quinn said she wasn’t honest with Shauna. She said it mattered now because Flo and Wyatt could be related. Quinn said they were high school sweethearts.

Quinn said Wyatt and Flo needed to know if they were brother and sister. Wyatt showed up. Wyatt was surprised to see Shauna. He wanted to know what was going on. Bill asked Wyatt if he had sex with Flo. Wyatt said he was with Sally. Wyatt said Flo wondered who her father was. Quinn told him that he and Flo could be brother and sister.

Next on B&B Flo wrestles with her conscience when Hope becomes adamant that they become friends. Wyatt divulges to Bill, Quinn and Shauna a secret that Flo vowed that he keep.

Bold and the Beautiful 4-9-19 Recap 9th April 2019.


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