Bold and the Beautiful 5-1-19 Recap 1st May 2019

Bold and the Beautiful 5-1-19

Bold and the Beautiful 5-1-19 Recap 1st May 2019

Bold and the Beautiful 5-1-19 Recap, Hope told Thomas that the power failure helped her clear her mind about things. Sally seemed upset that Wyatt was focused on Flo being a Logan. When he suggested that they all go out to eat, Sally said that she had to work. He asked her to join them for dessert. She asked if he was going without her. He asked if she had a problem with that. Flo told Shauna and Zoe that Hope deserved to know the truth about the baby.
Wyatt told Sally that she was working a lot of long hours at Forrester. She asked if he was upset about her not working at Spencer. He said he wasn’t happy about it. He also told her that he didn’t like the surprise. She asked him why he didn’t say anything. He told her he was being honest with her now.
Thomas told Hope that Phoebe wasn’t her daughter. Hope asked if he thought it wasn’t normal. He said that it wasn’t. He reminded her that she was always going to be the stepmother. He said the kids weren’t going to be their mother.
Zoe told Flo that they would all go to jail if she told Hope the truth. Shauna agreed with Zoe. Shauna wanted Flo to take advantage of her birthright. She told her to forget about Reese and forget about Phoebe being Hope’s baby.

Bold and the Beautiful 5-1-19 Recap 1st May 2019

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Bold and the Beautiful 5-1-19
Bold and the Beautiful 5-1-19 Recap 1st May 2019

Sally asked if Wyatt always hang out with Flo. He said he talks to Flo. He wanted to know what was going on. He asked if she were jealous. He said he knew Flo all of his life. He said she would have been okay with it if it were a guy, but since it’s an attractive woman, she was upset. Sally didn’t like him calling Flo attractive. She told him to go out with Flo. He reminded her that he invited her to go out with them, but she turned them down. She told him to go with Flo. When she left, he saw a message from Thomas.
Shauna told Flo that she should have found her father sooner. She told Flo that she should move on with her life and take the job. Shauna said it wasn’t her fault that Reese wanted to switch the baby. Shauna wanted her to act as if nothing happened. Zoe agreed with her. While they talking, Wyatt showed up. Zoe and Shauna hid while he was there. He couldn’t get over the fact that Flo is a Logan. He thought it was great. He said it couldn’t have happened to a better person.
Amelia told Liam that he was good with the kids. He said that he loved them. She told him that they were happy with him. She told him that they were his daughters and he should be with them. He said that he sees them. Amelia said he should seem them all of the time.
Amelia told Liam that his place is with Steffy. Liam understood what she was saying because she worked for Steffy. Amelia said she knew that he loved Hope, but Steffy and the girls loved him too. Hope called Liam. She wanted to know how everyone was. He said the kids were growing up fast. She told him that she offered Flo a job. She told him that he didn’t have to rush back. He said he missed her. She said she missed him too.
Wyatt told Flo that it was great to be a Logan. Flo told him that Hope offered her a job. He was happy for her. He asked if she was going to take the job. She said she didn’t know. He told her that it was an opportunity of a lifetime. He told her she had to take the job.
Amelia brought Phoebe to Liam. Amelia said Phoebe was lucky to have a father like him. He said he wasn’t her father. She said he was her father in every way that counted.
Wyatt told Flo to take Hope’s offer. He said she should. He told her not to be like Sally. Flo wanted to know what that had to do with Sally. He told her that she turned down the offer his father gave her. He said they got in an argument. He told her that he suspected that Sally was keeping secrets from him. He said the argument wasn’t all her fault. Flo wanted to know what he meant. He said Sally was picking up on how much time he was spending with Flo. He said he was thinking about her a lot. He kissed her.
Shauna interrupted Wyatt and Flo. He said he wanted to meet her later. When he left, Zoe came out. Shauna told Flo she couldn’t tell the truth because Wyatt wouldn’t forgive her. Shauna told her to take the job. Flo said she was still in love with Wyatt. Zoe and Shauna told her that she couldn’t tell Hope the truth. Shauna wanted to make a pact not to tell the truth. Flo went along with the pact.
Next on B&B Xander encourages Zoe to trust him enough to share her troubles. Ridge’s kindness intensifies Flo’s guilty conscience as she ponders whether or not to accept Hope’s offer.
Bold and the Beautiful 5-1-19 Recap 1st May 2019.


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