Bold and the Beautiful 5-13-19 Recap 13th May 2019

Bold and the Beautiful 5-13-19

Bold and the Beautiful 5-13-19 Recap 13th May 2019

Bold and the Beautiful 5-13-19 Recap, Liam fights for his marriage to Hope while Thomas continues to manipulate to tear them apart; Sparks fly between Wyatt and Flo as they discuss their past and their future.
Liam told Hope that they could make their marriage work. Thomas tried to interrupt him while he was trying to get her to make their marriage work. Liam told her not to give up on him. Quinn talked to Eric about Wyatt being with Flo. Quinn talked to him about Shauna and Flo. Quinn told him that she wanted Shauna and Flo to move in with them. Wyatt and Flo kissed each other.
Wyatt didn’t want to rush things with Flo. He said he wanted to do the right thing with her. Thomas tried to convince Hope to be with him. He said she should be with him and Douglas. Thomas told her that Liam had a family and Hope should be with him.

Bold and the Beautiful 5-13-19 Recap 13th May 2019

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Bold and the Beautiful 5-13-19
Bold and the Beautiful 5-13-19 Recap 13th May 2019

Quinn told Eric that Shauna and Flo were family since they were Logans. She told him that Shauna opened her home to her years ago. She said she wanted to repay them for what Shauna did for them years ago. Quinn thought she might have been overstepping. Eric said it was her home. He told her that her friends could stay with them. She was happy that he agreed to let them stay. Shauna showed up. Quinn wanted to give her a tour of the place.
Wyatt told Flo that he never forgot about her. She said she tried to forget about him, but she couldn’t. He said they were really in love back then. He said she set the bar for him. He wanted every woman to be honest with him the way she was. He said he couldn’t believe Sally would keep Thomas’ secret when it could ruin Liam’s life.
Hope told Thomas that he wasn’t alone. She told him that he had his family. She said she would be there for Douglas. She said her first place was with her husband. She said they have been tested by tragedy. She said she wouldn’t be where she was if it wasn’t for Liam. She said Douglas made her feel better, but she loved Liam and their life together.
Shauna loved Eric and Quinn’s house. She loved the painting of Quinn. Shauna was impressed with how they lived. Eric told Shauna that they wanted her and Flo to live with them. Quinn said she never got the chance to tell her how much she appreciated her. Shauna accepted their invitation to live with them.
Wyatt told Flo that Sally didn’t tell him about Thomas. Flo said she did end up telling him. He said he wanted to be true to her, but she didn’t want to be true to him. He said he was sitting with someone who was true with him. He didn’t know what the future was going to be. He said he wanted to go on a date. They kissed again.
Hope told Liam she was glad that he was home. He said he missed her. He wanted to pick up where they were before he left. He said Thomas was worried about Douglas. He didn’t get why Thomas wanted her to be Douglas’ mother. He said he wasn’t comfortable living near Thomas. She said she and Thomas worked together and would still each other. He said they wouldn’t be close to each other.
Flo wanted to be with Wyatt. She said she wanted it more than anything. When they were about to kiss, Shauna called her. Shauna wanted her to meet her at the Forrester estate. Flo said she was in the middle of something. Shauna told her it was important. Before she left, Wyatt kissed her.
Hope told Liam that he disagreed with what Thomas told her. She said Phoebe and Kelly needed him. Liam said they had him. He was going to be there for them. He said Steffy would be home soon. He told her that Douglas needed a mother, but not her. He thought she should know that Thomas was using her. She didn’t think so. He said he didn’t trust Thomas.
Thomas tried to convince Douglas that Hope was his mother. Thomas said Douglas loved her. Douglas wanted to go see her. He said he couldn’t see her now. Thomas said for him to tell her that he loved her the next time they saw her. Thomas told him to make another drawing. Douglas agreed to do it. Thomas said everything was going to work out for them.
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Bold and the Beautiful 5-13-19 Recap 13th May 2019.


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