Bold and the Beautiful 5-9-19 Recap 9th May 2019

Bold and the Beautiful 5-9-19

Bold and the Beautiful 5-9-19 Recap 9th May 2019

Bold and the Beautiful 5-9-19 Recap, When Liam was at the beach house, Wyatt wanted to know why he wasn’t home. Liam wanted to know what was happening before he went home. Wyatt told him that he thought Sally was cheating on him with Thomas. Wyatt said Thomas was in love with Hope.
Liam called Pam to ask about Hope. He found out that Hope was in her office. He also found out that Thomas was there too. Liam told Wyatt that Thomas did that to him in the past.

Bold and the Beautiful 5-9-19 Recap 9th May 2019

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Bold and the Beautiful 5-9-19
Bold and the Beautiful 5-9-19 Recap 9th May 2019

Liam and Wyatt talked about Sally. Wyatt told him that she moved out. Liam was shocked. Wyatt said she moved on her own. He didn’t know where he and Sally stood. Wyatt talked about Thomas again. Wyatt wondered if Thomas does this. Liam said Thomas told him that Hope would be okay when he left Paris. Liam said Thomas wouldn’t ruin his marriage.
Flo told Hope that she didn’t like the sound of Thomas. Hope said he was giving her a chance to be a mother to his son. Flo thought Thomas was trying to ruin her marriage. Thomas asked Sally about moving out the beach house. He said sorry for getting her in the middle, but he still planned on being with Hope. They talked about Liam stopping him from being with Hope.
Zoe approached Flo when she was alone. Zoe asked if she was crazy. Zoe said she overheard Flo talking to Hope. Zoe wondered why she didn’t want Hope to jump at the chance to be a mother. They talked about Hope’s marriage. Zoe thought the way they would make up for what they did was for Hope to be a mother. Zoe thought it should be with Douglas.
Flo asked Zoe how much they were willing to let Hope lose. Zoe told her to accept her new life. When Flo was alone, Wyatt called her. He asked her to come by his place. Thomas wanted Hope to see his designs. She liked his designs. Thomas asked her out to dinner. Before she could answer, Liam showed up. Liam said he missed her and had to hold her. Thomas thought Wyatt called him and told him about he felt about Hope.
Liam yelled at Thomas for trying to break up their marriage. Liam thought he was taking advantage of Hope. Thomas said they were a couple, but not a family. Thomas said Liam had a family in a Paris. Liam said he loved the girls, but he loved his wife. He told Thomas to stop guilt tripping Hope.
Flo went to Wyatt’s place. Wyatt told her that Sally moved out. He said Sally was keeping secrets from him. He said Flo never kept anything from him. Wyatt told her the secret. Flo told him that people kept secrets so no one would get hurt. He said he hated secrets. He said he didn’t have that problem with her.
Next on B&B Sally gives as well as she gets when Quinn expresses pleasure that Sally is out of Wyatt’s life forever. Liam rallies to defend his marriage as Thomas expresses that Hope belongs to him.
Bold and the Beautiful 5-9-19 Recap 9th May 2019.


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