Bold and the Beautiful Tuesday, April 2 Spoilers 4-2-19

Brooke is trying to deal with what Taylor is doing to Hope’s marriage. She decides that she’s the only one who can make sure Hope and Liam stay together. She feels as if Ridge won’t help her so it’s up to her to fix things.

There is supposed to be a surprise in this episode concerning Brooke and Ridge. Will this put their marriage in jeopardy? Things don’t seem to be better for Brooke and Ridge when he defends Taylor’s actions. Will this decision cost him everything? Brooke is shocked that he would want to defend Taylor. He thinks Taylor is looking out for Steffy.

Katie and Bill find out who was behind the matchmaking between them. They are in for a shock when they find out who is responsible for the matchmaking. How will they react to what happens? Will they find it funny or not?