Coronation Street 26th March 2021 Full Episode

Coronation StreetCoronation Street 26th March 2021 2020

Coronation Street 26th March 2021 Full Episode

Coronation Street (informally known as Corrie) is a British soap opera created by Granada Television and shown on ITV since 9 December 1960.The programme centres on Coronation Street in Weatherfield, a fictional town based on Salford,its terraced houses, café, corner shop, newsagents, textile factory and The Rovers Return pub. In the show’s fictional history, the street was built in the early 1900s and named in honour of the coronation of King Edward VII. Watch Coronation Street 26th March 2021 Full Episode here.

Coronation Street 26th March 2021 Full Episode

Simon follows Leanne as she heads out on her latest illegal assignment. Todd takes Paul to a bar where he sets him up with a guy from a dating site. Toyah and Imran agree to contact social services about fostering Kelly

Coronation Street 26th March 2021 Full Episode

About Coronation Street

Coronation Street is made by Granada Television at MediaCity Manchester and shown in all ITV regions, as well as internationally. On 17 September 2010, it became the world’s longest-running TV soap opera in production. On 23 September 2015, Coronation Street was broadcast live to mark ITV’s 60th anniversary.

The show airs six times a week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 7:30-8 pm and 8:30-9 pm.Since 2017, ten sequential classic episodes of the series from 1986 onwards have been broadcast weekly on ITV3. The programme was conceived in 1960 by scriptwriter Tony Warren at Granada Television in Manchester.

Next on Coronation Street

Todd tells Billy he still loves him and will stay in Weatherfield if they can be together. In a bid to stop him finding out the truth, Simon lies to Nick and claims Leanne has a new bloke. Imran tells Toyah that social services called and they’ve agreed to place Kelly with them

Michael confronts Ed with Ronnie’s bombshell, and Summer is heartbroken to hear that Todd might be leaving. Natasha tells Nick that he is welcome to stay with her and Sam, and Imran and Toyah take Kelly out to celebrate her moving in

Coronation Street 26th March 2021 Full Episode.


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