Days of Our Lives 01-03-22 Recap 3rd January 2022

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 01-03-22 Recap 3rd January 2022

Days of Our Lives 03-01-22,

Johnny was possessed by the devil. The devil wanted Marlena to know that she didn’t get rid of him. Chanel went upstairs to check on him. He was ready to celebrate with her. Kate was surprised when Steve announced that he was searching for Philip. Kate said he didn’t have to search for him. He said that Brady was the one who hired him. Roman and Kate wanted to know what it had to do with Brady. Steve explained why Brady wanted him. Sami decided to be with Lucas. She wanted to make sure he wanted to be with her. He said he did want her. She told him that she was finished with EJ because of what he did to her. She couldn’t be with someone who would kidnap her and keep her from her family. Lucas thought about kidnapping Sami.

Steve told Roman, Kayla and Kate that Kristen was holding Philip prisoner. Steve promised Kate that he would do everything he could to bring Philip home to her. Kate didn’t want to stay out anymore. Steve told Kate that he would deliver Philip to her personally. Kate admitted to Roman that she knew where Philip was. Lucas told Sami that he was excited that they were going to be together. She said that Lucas was there for her for everything. She thought she was an idiot to go back to EJ when she had her chance to be with him. She told him that she wanted to leave Salem.

Days of Our Lives 01-03-22 Recap 3rd January 2022

Allie, Tripp, Chanel, and Johnny celebrate the New Year together. Sami suggests to Lucas that they leave town to rebuild their relationship. Kate stuns Roman with her confession. Steve and Kayla join John and Marlena for New Year’s Eve festivities.

Kate told Roman about Philip and how she and Victor were getting him some help. Roman didn’t think it was a good idea to let the people he loved think that he was dead when he’s not. He said that she could have told him. Kate said that he knew now. He said she only told him because he asked Steve to look for Philip. She said that he knew and she was glad he knew because there were no secrets between them. Lucas told Sami that they had family in Salem. She was worried that EJ would go after him. She wanted to go to Phoenix so they could see Will and Ally. She didn’t really care where they went as long as they were together. She wanted to leave town before EJ even knew what happened. 

Kate continued to explain how everything was straightened out for Brady as well as Philip. She thought it was too risky for them to tell the truth. Roman decided that he would keep the secret safe. Kayla and Steve went to see John and Marlena. They talked about her possession. Kayla told Marlena that she tried to kiss her. Marlena was shocked to hear that she kissed her. Sami wanted to know why Lucas wasn’t ready to leave with her. She looked at him and wanted to know what was bothering him. He thought about his conversation with Allie. Sami told him that if they’re relationship had to work, he had to be honest with her. 

Kayla continued to explain what happened when Marlena was possessed. Kayla regretted saying anything to her. Marlena wanted to know about it. Marlena joked about kissing her. Lucas was about to tell Sami the truth when Roman and Kate walked in the room. Lucas told them that he and Sami were back together and leaving Salem tomorrow. Roman and Kate were shocked by the news

Days of Our Lives 01-03-22 Recap 3rd January 2022.


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