Days of Our Lives 01-05-22 Recap 5th January 2022

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 01-05-22 Recap 5th January 2022

Days of Our Lives 01-05-22,

Accusations were being thrown around. Kate implied that Chad cooked the books to make it seem like EJ kidnapped Sami. She noticed how happy he was to have EJ’s position. Nicole accused Sami of destroying her bear. EJ let her know that Sami wouldn’t do that. She didn’t believe it because she thought she was the only one who would be looney enough to do it. She went off on him for the way he dumped her too. Rafe accused Ava of being the one who destroyed the bear. She denied it because she didn’t have a reason to do it. She wondered if something changed between him and Nicole. He said nothing changed so she said she didn’t have a reason to do anything. 

Gwen was shocked to find out that Abby was investigating what happened to Sarah. Abby reminded her that Sarah was her cousin so she wanted to help. Gwen said that Sarah was a doctor and that she was keeping things from her mother. She thought that Abby was looking for her to get back at her. Rafe assured Ava that nothing was going on with Nicole. Ava told him what she did while she was at Basic Black. He said that he’s a cop so he knew she had an opportunity. She said that she didn’t have a motive because they didn’t hurt her.

Days of Our Lives 01-05-22 Recap 5th January 2022

Nicole is frosty with EJ when he tries to make amends. Kate presses Chad for the truth. Gwen flips out upon learning Abigail is looking into Sarah’s disappearance. Xander questions Rex about his last interaction with Sarah.

EJ told Nicole that he would ask Sami if she was the one who attacked the bear. She let him know that Sami left town with Lucas. Chad let Kate know that there wasn’t a file marked “Sami’s kidnapping” on the computer. She wanted to know how he knew about it. She wondered if he was the one who fixed the evidence to make it look like EJ did it. Gwen continued to suggest that Abby not look for Sarah. Jack questioned why Gwen wouldn’t want her to help Sarah. Abby thought she didn’t want her to help Sarah because Xander would leave her. Gwen got upset and thought she was trying to ruin her life. Jack and Jennifer tried to stop them from arguing. Rafe told Ava that Nicole thought Sami could have destroyed the bear. Ava said she thought she saw a blonde leaving. He wanted to know what time it was. She wanted to know why it mattered. He said that he could check the security footage that’s all over the building.

EJ couldn’t believe Sami left with Lucas. Nicole said Rafe told her that Allie mentioned it. She was relieved because of the way he dumped her. He couldn’t believe that she would go with someone who kidnapped her. She said the police believed he was the one who did it. He said it wasn’t him. She asked him if he had proof that he did it. Kate continued to talk to Chad about framing EJ. She wanted him to swear on his father’s grave that he didn’t do it. He said the evidence was planted, but it was planted by Lucas, Abby assured Gwen that she wanted to look for Sarah because she was worried about her. Gwen thought about her conversation with Ava. Abby said goodbye to Jack and Jennifer. Jennifer decided to walk Abby out. Jack asked Gwen why she was afraid she was going to lose Xander.

Kate didn’t understand why Lucas would frame EJ for Sami’s kidnapping. Chad thought Lucas was the one who did it. Nicole was surprised when EJ said that Chad was the one who framed him. He said he wouldn’t be that sloppy to leave the evidence on his computer. Nicole recapped that he thought Lucas kidnapped Sami, but Chad made him look guilty. She wanted to know why the goon accused him of the kidnapping. He said he was probably following orders. She said that she didn’t care anymore. She told him to leave. He said he wanted to apologize to her for the way he treated her. Ava didn’t understand why Rafe was making a big deal about a stuffed bear. He said the person could have been sending Nicole a message. She said that Nicole slept with Sami’s husband so she deserved it. He said the actions were petty and juvenile. Kate couldn’t believe Chad thought Lucas kidnapped Sami. He said he basically admitted it. She didn’t want to know why he would do it. He said he was in love with Sami. He knew she was having a hard time because of Philip. He reminded her of what happened to him. She said that she failed two sons. He assured her that he would keep it a secret. Kate didn’t think it should be a secret. 

Nicole told EJ that she wasn’t going to forgive him. She yelled at him for not telling her that he was going back to Sami. She told him how he knew he wasn’t getting a divorce when she took the time to see him on Thanksgiving. She told him that she refused to forgive him. Chad couldn’t believe Kate was willing to turn her son in to protect EJ. She didn’t want to turn on him. She didn’t want him to get away with what he did. Chad said that Lucas would go to prison if she told on him. He told her that EJ was a bad person and Lucas was a good one. He wanted her to keep what he said a secret.

Days of Our Lives 01-05-22 Recap 5th January 2022.


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