Days of Our Lives 01-11-21 Recap 11th January 2021

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 01-11-21 Recap 11th January 2021

Days of Our Lives 01-11-21, Allie told Nicole that she wasn’t so sure if Tripp was the one who raped her anymore. Steve told Tripp that Angelo was in prison at the time of the rape. Tripp thought they were back at square one. He wasn’t  sure what Steve meant. Steve told him how he had a brother. Kayla went to check on Ava. Ava wanted to know about her son. She asked her which one. Kayla said she was talking about Charlie. She asked her why he had her tied up. Rafe questioned Charlie about having Ava tied up in his apartment. Charlie insisted he didn’t do anything wrong. He said it was a misunderstanding. Rafe said he wanted him to clear up some things for him. 

Days of Our Lives 01-11-21 Recap 11th January 2021

Chloe told Brady how Philip was laundering money for the mob. Philip denied her accusation. Brady wanted to know if that was true. Chloe confided in Brady what she heard Philip say on the phone. Philip didn’t think Brady would help him since he didn’t like him. Chloe wanted them to work together for their family. Brady agreed to help Philip. Charlie told Rafe how he worked for Philip and Xander so he didn’t have a reason to have a woman kidnapped in his apartment. Rafe wasn’t sure Xander was the best person to vouch for him. Charlie asked him why he would kidnap Ava. Rafe revealed to him how he knew Ava was his mother. Tripp was shocked to find out he had a brother. Steve explained everything about Charlie to him. 

Rafe told Charlie how his cousin Angelo talked to his friends. Charlie denied knowing Angelo. Rafe said Angelo knew about him. Charlie questioned whether he was the only Charlie in the world. Rafe said Angelo described him. Rafe let him know about the DNA matching Tripp. Charlie said it was because he raped her. Rafe said there was another possibility. He said it was because he might have raped her. Allie continued to tell Nicole how she wasn’t sure Tripp was the one who raped her. She said how her grandfather was in Philadelphia to find out if Tripp had a relative who could have raped her. Philip explained how he ended up in gambling debt. Brady wanted to know if he knew the person he owed money. Chloe told him that Ava was the one who threatened Philip.

Ava got upset because Kayla didn’t bring Tripp to see her. She didn’t like how she was tied up to the bed. She felt like she was in danger of being killed again. Kayla assured her that no one was trying to kill her. Ava wanted her to let her go. Kayla let her think she would see Tripp. She gave Ava a sedative and she got upset about it. Steve and Tripp continued to talk about Charlie being his brother and how he might have been in London. Allie got frustrated because John wouldn’t give her any info on the phone. Nicole thought Rafe would know what happened. They went to see Rafe. Charlie denied raping Allie. Rafe wanted to know if he was in London. Charlie reminded him how he was cooperating. Rafe said he just needed to get a DNA sample and he could leave. Rafe was about to leave when Charlie said he wanted an attorney. 

Tripp wanted to find Charlie. Steve stopped him because John was taking care of it. Tripp wondered if Charlie did something to his mother. Brady wasn’t happy about Ava being involved in Philip’s money laundering. They talked about Ava’s disappearance. Philip said Angelo was taking over regardless of whether Ava is found. Kayla called Steve so he could meet her at the hospital. Nicole and Allie arrived at the station and Rafe revealed what Charlie did to her. Steve and Tripp arrived at the hospital and she told them about Ava. Tripp wanted to know if he could see her. She said it was okay. Steve wanted to know how she ended up in the hospital. Kayla told him about Rafe finding her in Charlie’s apartment. Allie told Nicole and Rafe how she didn’t recognize Charlie when she met him. Nicole demanded that he get Charlie to admit what he did or she would do it. Brady wanted to help Philip, but he wanted him to stay away from Chloe.

Philip wanted to know why Brady cared if he talked to Chloe. He wanted to know if he was interested in her again. Brady didn’t want her to get hurt. Philip said it would hurt him if something happened to her. Nicole wanted to go into the interrogation room, but Rafe stopped her. She wanted to know why he wasn’t questioning him. He said he had to stop because he wanted his lawyer. Tripp went to see Ava. She woke up and couldn’t believe he was there. She thought he was dead. He wanted to know if she was okay. She was fine now that he was there. He asked her if he had a brother. She admitted it and apologized to him for not telling him. She thought he was the best part of her and his brother was the worst. He wanted to know everything about Charlie. 

Days of Our Lives 01-11-21 Recap 11th January 2021.


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