Days of Our Lives 01-12-21 Recap 12th January 2021

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 01-12-21 Recap 12th January 2021

Days of Our Lives 01-12-21, Allie snuck into the interrogation room to talk to Charlie. She tried to convince him to confess to raping her. He wouldn’t take the bait. He told her it was Tripp who raped her. She thought that too, but she wasn’t sure anymore. He reminded her about the DNA test and said he was the father. She agreed that it matched, but she said Rafe told her Tripp had a brother. She said that meant he could be the father of her baby. Claire was upset with Marlena for not telling her about Charlie. She didn’t trust Marlena so she wanted to get the answers herself. She was about to leave when John showed up. She wanted to know what happened with Charlie. Steve went in the room with Tripp and talked to him about Ava. Tripp said she was awake, but was out of it again. 

Days of Our Lives 01-12-21 Recap 12th January 2021

Shawn and Belle returned from their honeymoon. He was concerned when they realized Claire wasn’t home. She thought Claire was with Charlie. He talked to her about how he had a bad feeling about Charlie. Belle thought he was okay, but he wasn’t sure about it. She realized that his instincts are usually right. Claire told John how Marlena dragged her away from her date with Charlie. John let her know that there’s a chance Charlie was the one who hurt Allie. Tripp thought Charlie could take the DNA test to prove whether he raped Allie. Steve said it wasn’t easy because he refused to take it. Tripp was going to make him do it by any means necessary. Allie and Charlie continued to talk about whether he or Tripp raped her. 

Claire didn’t believe Charlie was the one who raped Allie. John told her how Tripp’s uncle described Charlie exactly. Claire yelled at John and Marlena for accusing him of rape. She didn’t think they had enough proof to accuse him. John said Rafe took him down to the police station. Chalire was so disgusted that she didn’t want to hear anything else from them. She walked out of their place. Steve insisted that Tripp let the police handle Charlie. Tripp was upset that he set him up and for what he did to his mother. Steve told him that he shouldn’t do it even though he understood why he wanted to go after Charlie. He told him how often he went after people who deserved it. Tripp reminded him how he was still around. He said he got lucky. Steve continued to convince him to let the police do their job. He said he would make things worse for himself. Nicole wanted to see Ava, but Rafe warned her that she wasn’t herself. Nicole wanted to know what was wrong. He said she was delusional. He explained what happened when Tripp and Steve came up to them. Tripp said it wasn’t a good idea to talk to Ava right now. Nicole wanted to talk to her. 

Allie told Charlie that he was the father of her baby and not Tripp. He denied the accusation. She told him how he had a son and wondered if it mattered to him. Nicole talked to Ava about what happened to her. Allie thought she was getting somewhere with Charlie when Claire arrived. She wanted to talk to Charlie. Allie was frustrated, but she left the room. Ava told Nicole how Charlie stabbed Tripp. Nicole let her know that Charlie didn’t stab Tripp and that he’s fine. She wanted to know what else Ava remembered. She said she remembered something else she said. Charlie told her how good it felt to hear her call him her boyfriend. She said he was her boyfriend. He said it meant everything to know she was still on his side. He asked her if she was still on his side. She wanted to know if the accusations were true. She wanted him to tell her that everyone else was wrong and that he wasn’t Ava’s son. He said he wasn’t her son and that it was a misunderstanding. She wanted to believe him. He told her to believe it because she knew him. She said something was bothering her. Allie kept saying she knew him from somewhere and that there was something about him. He knew she said that. She wanted to know how he could explain it. He told her that he couldn’t explain it. He said that didn’t mean he attacked her. She was confused by all of it. He swore to her that he didn’t do it. He asked her if she believed him. 

Charlie begged Claire to believe he was innocent. Shawn walked in the room and told her how she wasn’t supposed to be in the interrogation room. He made her leave. Nicole wanted Ava to think about what else happened with Charlie. She said Charlie admitted to raping Allie. She told Nicole he begged her not to say anything. She said he knocked her out. She wanted to help Tripp. Nicole assured her that she would help Tripp. Claire told Shawn how Charlie’s DNA doesn’t match Tripp’s. Shawn said he was Ava’s son. She said he denied it. He told her how Ava was tied up in his apartment. Rafe went to see Charlie and told him how his lawyer was on the way. Rafe said he knew Charlie was lying and he was determined to get the answers he needed. Allie met with Nicole and she told her Charlie admitted what he did. Nicole told Allie about her conversation with Ava and how he admitted that he raped her. 

Days of Our Lives 01-12-21 Recap 12th January 2021.


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