Days of Our Lives 01-12-22 Recap 12th January 2022

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 01-12-22 Recap 12th January 2022

Days of Our Lives 01-12-22,

Ava was wondering why Nicole left while she and Rafe were at the pub. He gave her reasons, but she thought Nicole was uncomfortable being around them. She said they were going out of their way to be nice to her. Belle gave Nicole something to sign when she saw that she was reading the article about EJ’s arrest. Nicole thought it didn’t make any sense that EJ was representing himself. Belle told her how EJ wanted her to represent him. Nicole wondered if she was going to do it. She told her why she couldn’t do it. Nicole thought she had incentive to take the case. EJ talked to Johnny and wanted to find out why he had a change of heart about making movies. He said that he wanted to be the star of the movies. EJ told him that he was dealing with his upcoming hearing. Johnny said he wanted to be like him when he grew up. 

Allie panicked when Tripp called her. She wasn’t sure if she should answer the phone so Chanel told her to do it. She answered and had an awkward conversation with Tripp. She lied to him and said she was home so he wanted to stop by and see her. Allie told him that she was leaving to check on Chanel. He told her to let Chanel know he was sorry that the jerk did that to her. He apologized for what he said about Johnny. They stopped talking so Allie let Chanel know that she felt guilty for cheating on her boyfriend. She decided to tell the truth. Chanel touched her arm, but Allie snatched away from her. 

Days of Our Lives 01-12-22 Recap 12th January 2022

Allie lies to Tripp. Rafe receives stunning news at work. Johnny makes EJ a surprising offer. Chad tells Kate he wants to tell the truth at EJ’s trial.

Johnny told EJ that he would run DiMera while he was dealing with the trial. He said that he would give him back the company once his case was done. EJ wanted to know how he planned to do that. He said for him to sign everything over to him. Nicole continued to convince Belle that EJ didn’t kidnap Sami. Nicole wanted EJ to pay for what he did to her, but she said he didn’t kidnap Sami. Chad and Kate talked about whether EJ should go to prison for the kidnapping. Chad contemplated telling the truth about Lucas being the one behind the kidnapping. 

Chanel wondered if it was a good idea for Allie to tell what she did. Allie thought she was lying to him. Chanel said she was protecting him. She was there when she needed hier. Chanel told her that she loved Tripp. She admitted that she still loved Johnny. Chanel advised her to keep quiet about what they did. Allie told her that she couldn’t do what her mother did and keep her affair a secret. She said she didn’t have a choice. She had to tell Tripp the truth. Trask met with Rafe at the station. She told him that he was accused of planting evidence. Belle and Nicole continued to talk about EJ being set up for the kidnapping. Nicole was afraid that the plan was going to work. Chad didn’t think EJ should go to prison for what Lucas did. He thought Lucas should go to jail for what he did. 

EJ was surprised that Johnny wanted to sign his shares over to him. Johnny said that Chad would go after his shares, but he would have the edge. EJ said that he was old enough to get his own shares. He said he would have extra to keep Chad and Tony from going after them. EJ said he gave his money control and she screwed them over. EJ finally decided to take a chance and give him the shares. Johnny promised him that he wouldn’t regret it. Kate told Chad that what Lucas did was misguided, but he couldn’t say anything. Chad told her that what he did was stronger than “misguided.” She told him that EJ would kill Lucas if he found out what he did. Kate told him that Philip was missing and if EJ got upset, he would go after Lucas. Chad decided to admit that he set EJ up. Kate said he would lose his job. He said it was the best way to avoid being like EJ and his father. Kate wondered if he could live with that decision. 

Rafe denied planting evidence. He said the perp was lying. Trask said that he wasn’t the only one who had the complaint. She said she had to have him investigated. She hoped he was telling the truth. Ava went to see Nicole. She wanted to have an honest conversation about what’s going on between her and Rafe. Johnny said he would draw up the paperwork for the switch. He wanted to know if he was going to be in the courtroom with him. He said he would be there. EJ walked out of the room so Johnny started talking about his plan working. Chanel wanted to know what plan he meant. Allie went to see Tripp at the hospital. She said she needed to see him right away.

Days of Our Lives 01-12-22 Recap 12th January 2022.


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