Days of Our Lives 01-14-22 Recap 14th January 2022

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 01-14-22 Recap 14th January 2022

Days of Our Lives 01-14-22,

EJ’s hearing began. Trask questioned Chad about the records. Kate told Lucas that she thought he was involved in Sami’s kidnapping. He couldn’t believe that she believed it. Kate told him that he hacked into the computer to make it look like EJ kidnapped Sami. Lucas admitted that he did it. He said that he was in love with Sami and that’s why he did it. He told her that Sami couldn’t find out what he did. She said she was trying to help him. He wanted to know how she was helping him. She said Chad was at the courthouse to make sure no one knew what he did. They didn’t know that Johnny was listening to their conversation.

Trask continued to ask Chad questions, but he didn’t want to answer. The judge made him answer or he would throw him in contempt of court. Kate told Lucas that Chad couldn’t let his brother go down for something he didn’t do. Lucas said that EJ was guilty of so many other things that he could have let him go to jail for that. Kate said that Chad had a conscience. Lucas didn’t believe that. She said Chad couldn’t hurt a member of his family. Johnny felt he had to do something about that. 

Days of Our Lives 01-14-22 Recap 14th January 2022

Lucas returns to Salem to testify at EJ’s trial. Chad’s plan to tell the truth is derailed.

Chad said he couldn’t answer Trask’s questions with a yes or no answer. Belle thought Chad was helping them. Trask wanted to question him later. Belle started her questions. Chad started choking up when he was trying to answer Belle’s question. Johnny was choking him from outside of the courtroom. Abby and Belle ran to Chad to help him. The judge decided to have a recess. Kate and Lucas continued to talk about EJ until Brady and Chloe showed up.They wanted to know what they were talking about. EJ asked Belle if she was okay. She didn’t understand how the glass fell out of her hand. Johnny approached EJ. They told him what happened to Chad. Johnny thought he got what he deserved for turning on his brother. 

Brady and Chloe realized Lucas was back to give EJ what he deserved for kidnapping Sami. Brady wanted to talk to Kate in private. Chloe wanted to know if Lucas was okay. She thought he looked tense. Abby wanted to make sure Chad was okay. She wanted to know what happened to him. She could tell there was something he wanted to say, but she wouldn’t let him. She wanted to know what he was trying to say. Johnny said that Chad was trying to stab EJ in the back. Belle said she didn’t think he was doing that. She thought he was trying to help him. He said he had the contract for him to sign. Belle wanted to know what he meant. He explained how he needed EJ’s shares temporarily. Belle asked EJ if he was sure he wanted to do that.

Abby wondered what it was Chad thought she needed to know. She didn’t want secrets between them. He said he wanted her to wait until he spoke in court so she wouldn’t be complicit. She said he was choking out there. He wanted to know if she trusted him. She said she did. He wanted to find Belle to apologize for his actions. Brady talked to Kate about what happened to Philip. He said he still felt responsible for what Kristen did. She said he wasn’t responsible for Kristen’s actions. She wanted him to call off the search. Chloe wanted answers from Lucas. He was worried about the trial. She said Sami was coming back to testify against EJ. He said he advised her not to be in the same room as her kidnapper.

Days of Our Lives 01-14-22 Recap 14th January 2022.


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