Days of Our Lives 02-18-21 Recap 18th February 2021

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 02-18-21 Recap 18th February 2021

Days of Our Lives 02-18-21, Abby argued with Gwenabout what happened to her grandmother. Gwen insisted it was an accident. She changed her tune and asked Abby what was going to do about it if she did kill her. Abby wanted to punch her for real this time and went after her. Philip warned Kate how Gabi was ruthless like a snake. She told him how she knew how Gabi was since she used to be friends with her. He wanted to know what happened. She explained what Gabi did when Gabi came back to town. Gabi put Jake on notice about Titan wiping the floor with his company since he didn’t take the deal. She tried to flirt with him and it didn’t work. Shawn broke up a fight between Abby and Gwen. Abby told him how Gwen killed her grandmother. Gwen denied it. They both wanted him to arrest the other. He decided to take them both to the station.

Days of Our Lives 02-18-21 Recap 18th February 2021

Abigail and Gwen get into a fight at the cemetery, Gabi tells Jake she’s working on a deal with Philip, and Clyde gives Ben a lead regarding Ciara. Meanwhile, Rhodes informs Ciara that her situation is about to change.

Ben went to see Clyde to find out what happened to Vincent. He found out Vincent died. He wanted to know if Clyde had something to do with his death. Clyde denied killing Vincent. He said he committed suicide. Clyde asked Ben if he was happy about Vincent dying because of what he did to Ciara. Rhodes let Ciara know that Vincent was dead. She thought he could let her go since he was dead. Rhodes told her that he wasn’t letting her go. Shawn cuffed Abby and Gwen to chairs at the station. He advised them to find a way to coexist with each other. Abby asked him not to leave her alone with Gwen, but he walked out.

Ben told Clyde about Ciara being alive and working with Susan. Clyde was surprised, but he listened to him. Ben informed Clyde about the visions Susan had of Ciara. He also told him how Ciara called him. Clyde wanted to know how it was possible and where she could be. Ben said Vincent was the only one who knew where she could be. Clyde said he wasn’t the only one who knew. Ciara promised not to tell anyone what Rhodes did to her if he let her go. He didn’t believe her and told her that he had another reason to keep her there. Clyde told Ben that Vincent was supposed to have a visitor before he was thrown in solitary. He advised him to find out who the person was that was supposed to see Vincent. Ben realized he could find the person who kidnapped Ciara.

Gwen thought Shawn was insane if he thought she could coexist with Abby. Abby wanted to finish their conversation. She wanted Gwen to admit she killed her grandmother in cold blood. Gwen wouldn’t admit to anything. Gwen explained what happened when Laura showed up at her room. Abby tried to get Gwen to admit to killing Laura. Gwen told her that Laura tried to apologize and make things better. Abby wanted to know what she did. Gwen said she told her that she destroyed her life. She said she asked Laura to leave. She said she was probably being set up by her and Shawn. Abby said she was arrested too. Gwen said it was probably an act. Ben went to see Shawn about Ciara. Ciara asked Rhodes why he wanted her to be there. Rhodes said she was wrong. She said his boss was dead. Rhodes said Vincent was dead. She asked if he was working for someone already. She said he didn’t seem upset about Vincent’s death. Rhodes said he still had to eat. He said his partner was paying him well. Orpheus told Clyde that he heard about Vincent. Clyde thanked him for telling him Ben was coming to visit. He wanted to know how he knew that. Orpheus said he knew everything. Clyde asked why he was back in prison. Orpheus reminded him that Kate got the better of him. Philip wanted to know why Kate was determined to take the deal with Gabi. He thought she was trying to keep Gabi from Jake. 

Ben told Shawn about his theory about Ciara. He wanted to follow the lead that she could be alive. Shawn decided to help him. Ciara tried to figure out who Rhodes visited at the prison. Abby didn’t need Gwen to admit she killed her grandmother because God knew the truth. Gwen told her Laura played God with her life. She told her how she forgave her for what she did. Gwen wanted her to care about her life. Abby said she would care if she were telling the truth. Abby told her about how Laura spent time in a mental facility. Shawn let them know they had an option to go to jail or make up. They didn’t want to be stuck with each other. Ciara wanted to know what Rhodes’ new boss wanted from her. Orpheus wanted to know why Ben wanted to see Vincent. Clyde told him why he was there. Clyde told him how Vincent knew the truth and it died with him. Ben and Shawn looked at the info and Ben noticed the snake tattoo. He realized Susan told the truth. They left to find out the truth.

Days of Our Lives 02-18-21 Recap 18th February 2021.


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