Days of Our Lives 02-22-21 Recap 22nd February 2021

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 02-22-21 Recap 22nd February 2021

Days of Our Lives 02-22-21, Tripp let Allie know that he forgave her. He realized she was Charlie’s victim. Allie hoped there was something good about Charlie because of Henry. They took care of Henry. He was willing to take care of Henry if she needed it. Claire wanted Charlie to come to her place so she could get him to admit what he did to Allie. Charlie arrived and she started recording their conversation. He was glad that she believed his side of the story. She admitted that she believed Allie. He wanted to know why she invited him there. She said she was able to get past what he did. She talked to him about the things she did in the past. She liked how he overlooked her flaws. She thought he deserved a second chance. He thought she was amazing for being willing to give him another chance. She told him that she wanted their relationship to be open and honest. She wanted him to be honest. He agreed to what she wanted. She asked him if he raped Allie. He admitted that he raped her.

Days of Our Lives 02-22-21 Recap 22nd February 2021

Vivian makes a deal with Kristen. Chloe reveals to Brady that Philip kissed her. Tripp helps Allie, who’s having a tough time with Henry. Claire lures Charlie into a trap.

Susan saw Chole and Brady working closely together. Kristen ended up calling Susan to find out if she dyed her hair. She told Kristen that she did it. Kristen wanted to work on her teeth too. She pulled strings to get her new teeth so she didn’t want her to blow it. Chloe and Brady were working and ended up talking about Philip. Chloe indormed him how Philip kissed her. Brady thought it was a bold move, but she said she said she wasn’t interested in him. Vivian walked up to Kristen and figured out she was using Susan to get out of prison. Vivian agreed to keep her secret if she broke up Jake and Kate. Kristen agreed to try her best to do it. Vivian needed her to do one more favor.

Susan arrived at Statesville showed Kristen her teeth. She gave her a key to Marlena’s place. She thought the plan was dangerous and risky. Vivian showed up so Kristen let her know the plan was getting started. Vivian pretended to have a heart attack so Kristen could leave. Roman talked to Steve and Kayla about Tripp and Charlie. Roman was upset because Charlie wasn’t going to prison. They talked about getting vigilante justice. Kayla didn’t believe in that type of justice. She did want Charlie to pay for he did. Steve and Roman looked back each other. 

Days of Our Lives 02-22-21 Recap 22nd February 2021.


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