Days of Our Lives 02-23-21 Recap 23rd February 2021

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Days of Our Lives 02-23-21 Recap 23rd February 2021

Days of Our Lives 02-23-21, Claire was able to convince Charlie to confess to raping Allie. She was grateful for his honesty. She told him she wanted him to leave, but he said he wasn’t going anywhere. He wanted to make love to her. He reminded her how they were about to make love before Ben showed up. Kate talked to Jake about Charlie getting away with raping Allie. She was upset and ready to kill him. Jake didn’t think she meant it, but she was serious. She wanted to get her gun and shoot him. She was surprised he was paying attention since he was focused on Gabi. Philip agreed to work with Gabi. She was excited and said Jake would be destroyed. Philip decided it wasn’t going to be a good idea anymore. Kristen saw Chloe dressing Brady’s wound and went ballistic. They didn’t understand her problem. She demanded to change it herself. They were confused by her behavior.

Days of Our Lives 02-23-21 Recap 23rd February 2021

Charlie flips out on Claire. Kristen struggles to pull off her plan to keep Chloe away from Brady. Philip makes a decision about hiring Gabi. Sarah has surprising news for Xander.

Brady assured Kristen that nothing was happening with Chloe. Chloe reminded her how she and Brady were married before. Kristen told her it was a long time ago. Brady said he wanted Chloe to change his bandage. Kate wanted Jake to be honest with her about Gabi. He admitted Gabi came on to him. Gabi was surprised Philip said the deal wouldn’t work. He told her how he didn’t like how obsessed she sounded about Jake. Her obsession gave him second thoughts about the deal. Claire lied to Charlie and said her parents would be home soon. He asked her why she invited him over when she knew they were going to be home. He said they would have to face her family eventually. She asked him again if they could wait. He finally agreed to go, but suggested they go to his place. She tried to come up with excuses to get out of it, but he had answers ready for her. Her phone ended up ringing so he reminded her that she said she turned it off. 

Claire said she thought she silenced the phone. He offered to do it for her. He noticed her phone was recording for the last 20 minutes. He demanded to know what happened. She said she accidentally hit it and wanted to turn it off. He realized it wasn’t an accident. Kristen blamed Susan for what happened to Brady. He heard she had premonitions about him being shot, but wondered how she heard details about his shooting. She said she overheard Marlena talking. Brady said he didn’t blame Chloe. Kristen went on about it and mentioned Rachel. She wanted to know where Rachel was. Gabi wasn’t thrilled that Philip wanted to get out of their deal. Philip wanted to know what her goal was with her proposal. He asked her if she wanted Jake back in her life.

Jake explained what happened when he saw Gabi. He joked about Jake being with Gabi. He told her that he rejected her again. She wanted more details, but he got upset. He warned her to trust him or else they were done. Gabi tried to convince Philip she didn’t want Jake. She also didn’t understand why he would want a woman Kate’s age. He started listing her negative qualities and Philip reminded her that she was his mother. Brady told Susan how Marlena was the one with Rachel. Kristen thought it was time for Chloe to leave, but she didn’t see why she needed to go. Brady said Rachel loved her. Kristen was happy about the idea. Charlie played Claire’s recording. He was upset because he fell for her act. He said he was so desperate and fell for her act. She tried to explain, but he knew she just wanted a confession out of him. She wanted him to leave, but he said he wasn’t going anywhere. He wanted to finish what she started. 

Gabi talked to Philip about his feelings for Chloe. He said she had feelings for Brady. Gabi wondered if she told him that. He said he could tell by the way she’s with Brady. Gabi said they were his competition and they should crush the competition. Charlie couldn’t believe Claire set him up. He approached her and she warned him to stay away. She threatened to hit him, but he wasn’t worried about her. He was about to approach her when Belle came into the room. She demanded he stay away from Claire. Gabi continued to convince Philip to crush the competition. Philip agreed to work with Gabi. Belle demanded to know why Charlie was at the house. Charlie told her that Claire invited him there. Claire admitted she invited him there. She said the confession was on her phone. Belle and Charlie reached for the phone. 

Days of Our Lives 02-23-21 Recap 23rd February 2021.


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