Days of Our Lives 02-24-21 Recap 24th February 2021

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 02-24-21 Recap 24th February 2021

Days of Our Lives 02-24-21, Charlie erased Claire’s recording of his confession. He left the house. Tripp talked to Steve about meeting with Allie. He hoped she got her life together. Marlena went to see Allie to check on her. John ran into Charlie and warned him to stay away from Allie and Claire. He told John that Claire needed to stay away from him. Claire couldn’t believe Belle threatened to kill Charlie. She said she meant it because he didn’t deserve to live. She didn’t want her mother to hurt Charlie. She couldn’t forgive herself if Belle got in trouble for something she did. She was upset with herself because she had him. She said she had his confession and should have ran. 

Days of Our Lives 02-24-21 Recap 24th February 2021

John threatens Charlie. Claire is alarmed by Allie’s confession. Tripp tells Steve he wants to help Allie with baby Henry. Nicole and Rafe bring Ava home from the hospital.

Charlie told John how Claire called him over to talk about their relationship. He said Claire wanted him to confess to being a rapist. John said he was a rapist, but he denied it. He said it was a good thing he erased the recording. John was upset and demanded to know what he did to Claire. He said he told her to leave him alone. John threatened to kill him if he ever went after his granddaughters again. Ava got settled at Rafe’s place. She wanted to go out, but Nicole warned her that Charlie was out there. Charlie warned John to watch his temper because he could have a stroke. He walked away from John. Claire thought she still had the recording, but Belle reminded her that Charlie deleted it. Belle wanted her to promise not to do anything like that again. Belle let her know her father was on his way home. Claire wanted to go to bed, but Belle wanted her to talk to him. Claire begged her to let her go to sleep. 

Allie talked to Marlena about what happened with Tripp. Tripp continued to talk to Steve about Allie raising Henry. He thought he should help her with him. He wasn’t sure what would happen to Henry with Charlie in his life so he wanted to be there. Charlie overheard him talking to Steve and said he wouldn’t be doing that. Marlena met with John and he let her know about his conversation with Charlie. He said he wanted to kill him after what happened with Claire. Belle told Shawn about Charlie being at their house. She said Charlie deleted the recording Claire had of his confession. He would have killed him if something happened to her or Claire. He wanted to check on her, but she said to let him sleep. Claire went to see Allie and told her that she had Charlie’s confession, but he deleted it. She said she had him, but it didn’t work. Allie was glad that she was okay. Claire couldn’t believe he could do something so horrible. She thought she found her soulmate and felt so stupid.

Charlie told Tripp that he would never be a part of Henry’s life. Steve warned him that Tripp was his son and if he messed with his family, he was messing with him. Steve told him that he would take care of him if the police didn’t. Charlie said he didn’t do anything wrong. Charlie thought it was so sweet that he defended Tripp just like his mother. Steve called him a rapist, but Charlie said there wasn’t any proof of him being a rapist. Steve told him how he would go down for kidnapping Ava and she made a statement. Charlie didn’t think anyone would believe her word because she’s crazy. He told Tripp he wasn’t going near his son. Tripp reminded him how he didn’t want anything to do with Henry. Charlie said he was the only thing that was his. He walked off and ran into Nicole. He wanted to see his mother. Nicole put him on notice about going down. She said Ava was going to make sure he paid for kidnapping her.

Belle was upset about Charlie. Shawn wanted her to calm down. John and Marlena went to their place to talk about Charlie. Claire continued to tell Allie about Charlie. Allie tried to make her feel better about him. Claire said he hated him and wanted to make him pay. They talked about how he couldn’t go down for the rape. Allie considered dealing with Charlie herself. Tripp didn’t like the way Charlie was talking. Steve told him that Charlie didn’t want to be Henry’s father. Tripp thought Charlie would sue for custody to keep Henry away from them. Charlie wanted to know why Nicole had a suitcase. She said she wouldn’t tell him where to find Ava. He blamed Ava for why everything happened. Nicole said he was the one who raped Allie. He told Nicole how he heard Tripp talking about raising his son. He would rather Tripp be dead than raise his son. He thought it was a good idea to kill him. Nicole couldn’t believe he threatened to kill his own brother. He said Ava would have enough love for him if he did kill him. 

Belle was going to file a restraining order against Charlie. John said he would rather kill Charlie. Marlena had to calm him down. Marlena wanted to leave. Belle wanted John to take care of himself. Steve assured Tripp that Charlie wouldn’t get custody of Henry. Tripp said he could lie and get away with what happened. He didn’t like how he would make his mother look crazy. He thought he would make Allie lose credibility too. Steve said no judge would by Charlie’s lies. Tripp was going to stop him from doing anything to get Henry, Belle told Shawn that Claire was gone. Allie planned on shooting Charlie and getting away with it. Charlie refused to let anyone take what was his. He refused to let them. Someone knocked on the door. He told the person not to shoot.

Days of Our Lives 02-24-21 Recap 24th February 2021.


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