Days of Our Lives 02-25-21 Recap 25th February 2021

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Days of Our Lives 02-25-21 Recap 25th February 2021

Days of Our Lives 02-25-21, Charlie went to the door and someone with a gun was there. It was the next day and some people were missing the night before. Ava wasn’t in her room. John went out the night before. Claire was on the phone with Shawn and heard a noise. She got scared until Ben showed up. Ciara told Evan how Ben was going to find her. He didn’t believe her. She said she called Ben because Rhodes left the phone unattended. Evan wasn’t worried about Ben finding her. Marlena told John how he left without a word. She tried to reach him, but he didn’t respond to her. He apologized to her. She said she almost called the police when he disappeared. She told him how he walked in the house as if nothing was wrong. He walked by her and went to bed. She wanted to know what happened.

Days of Our Lives 02-25-21 Recap 25th February 2021

Ciara and Ben have a shared dream. Marlena grills John about his disappearing act. Evan goes against his father’s wishes. Rafe makes a shocking discovery.

Ava told Rafe that she slept in her bed. She went out early to get eggs. He apologized for accusing her of not sleeping in her bed. She wanted to know where he thought she went. He said he thought she went to see Charlie. She wanted to know why he thought that. He thought she was worried about Tripp. She said he had police officers outside of his door. He thought she went after him anyway. Ava felt responsible for Charlie’s behavior because he grew up without love. She said she lost herself after she lost Tripp. She told Rafe what happened when she met Charlie’s father. Marlena asked John again about where he went. He said he couldn’t stop thinking about his run in with Charlie. He couldn’t believe Charlie said Claire hurt him. He said his brain went on autopilot and he kept driving. He said he drove until he stopped at Charlie’s place. 

Ben told Claire about his dream about Ciara being held captive behind a glass box. He doubted the fact that it was real. He told her how he and her father discovered something. Evan didn’t believe Ben would find Ciara. She didn’t expect him to understand about love. Orpheus called Evan to check on Ciara. He told his father how everything is going as planned. Orpheus was ready to move on to the next part of the plan. He wanted Evan to take pictures of Ciara and a copy of a recent newspaper. He wanted to get ransom money from Victor. Evan wasn’t sure if he could do it. Orpheus said he didn’t have a choice. Ben told Claire Vincent was dead. She wanted to know what happened. He said he committed suicide. He explained what happened when he went to the prison. Ben was surprised Shawn didn’t tell her what happened. She said a lot happened.

John said he was angry about what Charlie did. He was about to get out of the car, but he had a sharp pain in his head. Marlena wanted to know if that’s when he came home. He said he blacked out. He wanted to shake off the pain and get home. He hoped he would feel better in the morning. She wanted to know why he didn’t tell her about it last night. Orpheus didn’t understand why Evan was resisting him. Evan wanted to know what he got out of his plan. Orpheus said they could spend time together. Evan didn’t care for that deal. He told him how he would be in control and felt good about it. Claire talked to Ben about what happened when Charlie showed up at the house. 

Marlena told John that he could have had bleeding on his brain. She wanted to take him to the hospital to get checked out. Rafe thought Ava’s life sounded tough. She didn’t think her life was any excuse not to have feelings for her son. He told her how her life was horrible. She said Charlie was her son even though he wasn’t Tripp. She said she could barely look at him and couldn’t take care of him. She said her father arranged for Jimmy to take care of him. She admitted that she was cold to Charlie. She said Charlie thought it was his fault she didn’t care for him. He tried to become the perfect child so she would love him. Clyde overheard Orpheus’ conversation. He figured out he was talking to his son. Orpheus wanted to know why it mattered to him. Clyde wondered if it had something to do with Ciara. 

Ciara figured out that Orpheus wanted to ransom her. She told Evan that her family was rich so he should do it. Ben was determined to find Ciara. He didn’t think clues and signs were enough to find her. Claire thought the clues at his apartment would help them. She suggested going to Susan to see if she could feel one of the things from Rhodes’ box and sense where they could find Ciara. Rafe thought it might not be too late for Ava to fix things with Charlie. She said it was too late because she didn’t think he would accept her now. He thought Charlie could get help. She didn’t think that would help her. Rafe got an anonymous call about a gunshot being heard at Charlie’s place. Ava thought he might have shot himself. Rafe didn’t understand why she thought that. Ava told him how he lost everything. 

Orpheus wanted Clyde to mind his business. Clyde said his situation was his business. Claire and Ben went through Rhodes’ things. She realized he was right and Rhodes’ had a lot of junk. She noticed he had a book about the looking glass and it gave Ben a visual about Ciara. He realized she had Rhodes’ books. Ciara taunted Evan to kill her if he was going to do it. He threatened not to feed her if she threw her food again. Rafe went to Charlie’s place and the door was open. He found Charlie on the floor with a gunshot wound. Sami showed up at his apartment.

Days of Our Lives 02-25-21 Recap 25th February 2021.


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