Days of Our Lives 03-09-21 Recap 9th March 2021

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 03-09-21 Recap 9th March 2021

Days of Our Lives 03-09-21, Anna wasn’t prepared when Chad wanted to go in the basement. She tried to come up with excuses to keep him from going down there. He wanted to do it anyway. She told him that he shouldn’t go in the name of love. Abby wanted Gwen to confess to what she did. She was willing to jab her with a needle. Gwen didn’t think she had the guts to do it. Abby warned her not to underestimate her. She was about to jab Gwen with the needle, but Gabi stopped her. Abby wasn’t happy when she did that. They started arguing with each other. Kate wasn’t happy about Jake being so cheerful about taking Gabi’s company from her. She didn’t think she would hear about it all day. Jake was tired of Kate’s insecurity about Gabi. Abby and Gabi continued to argue about what to do with Gwen. Gabi warned her that she would lose her children if she went through with injecting Gwen. Abby said they were past that when they kidnapped Gwen. She regretted thinking she could trust Gabi. Gabi told her to get out of the room.

Days of Our Lives 03-09-21 Recap 9th March 2021

Anna stumbles upon Gwen locked up in the DiMera tunnels. Chad is suspicious when he finds Abigail and Gabi together. Belle is furious at Sami for lying to her. Allie brings Henry to meet Ava for the first time.

Chad continued to ask Anna about what was going on in the cellar. Anna pretended to be drunk, but he didn’t believe her. He knew there was something she didn’t want him to see in the basement. Abby showed up so Chad knew it was someone she didn’t want him to see. Jake continued to explain himself to Kate, but she didn’t want to see it. She walked away from him. Gwen thanked Gabi for saving her life. Gabi didn’t do it for her. She didn’t want to go to prison for her. She asked Gabi to untie her. Gabi considered it for a few minutes, but she didn’t want to do it. Gwen told her it was still murder if she left her there. Gabi was able to live with her being tied up in the cellar for life. Gwen told her that she would keep her name out of it if she let her go. Gabi was convinced and untied her. Chad wanted Abby to tell him what was going on in the cellar. Anna tried to speak for her, but he didn’t want to hear it from her. He was about to go to the cellar when Gwen came out. She told him what Abby did to her. 

Gabi went to Jake to talk to him about stopping a murder. Gwen told Chad what Abby did to her. She said that Gabi had to stop her from killing her. Chad wanted to know if Gwen was telling the truth. Abby couldn’t believe Gabi let her out of the tunnel. Gwen told her how she made a deal with Gabi. She was going to tell the police that Abby worked alone to kidnap her. Chad asked Abby if Gwen was telling the truth. Jake wanted to know what Abby wanted Gabi to do. She told him how Abby wasn’t going to help her get him back. Gwen was determined to go to the police and tell what Abby did. She walked out of the mansion. Abby tried to go after her, but Chad stopped her. Abby thought he was on Gwen’s side by letting her walk out the door. Chad asked her how long she planned on kidnapping Gwen. He also wanted to know if she wanted to move back in the mansion to get access to the tunnels. 

Jake told Gabi that he was in love with another woman. She reminded him how he kissed her when she kissed him. She wanted him to admit he had feelings for her. He said he did have feelings for her. Gwen went to the police station to tell Eli what happened to her. Chad and Abby argued over her drugging Gwen. She was only going to let it end when Gwen isn’t a threat to them. Jake didn’t want Gabi to waste years of her life waiting for a man who isn’t hers. She was confused by what he said. He told her how he didn’t want to be with her. She got the message and said she wouldn’t be back there. Gwen told Eli that Abby kidnapped her. Eli didn’t believe his cousin would do that to her. Chad wanted to know how Abby planned on getting Gwen out of their lives without killing her. Abby recapped everything she did to her family. He wanted to know if going to jail was more important than their family and she said it was more important. Chad didn’t know what to say and walked away. 

Days of Our Lives 03-09-21 Recap 9th March 2021.


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