Days of Our Lives 03-10-21 Recap 10th March 2021

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 03-10-21 Recap 10th March 2021

Days of Our Lives 03-10-21, Claire talked to Julie about what’s going on with Ben. She told her how they were trying to find Ciara. Julie wanted to tell the police, but Claire didn’t think it was a good idea. She said she and Ben were determined to find Ciara. Julie wanted to know if Hope knew about it. She said no one else knew what happened. She wanted to call Doug, but Claire said not to do it. Evan was going to kill Ben, but he couldn’t find him. Ben told Shawn how he talked to Clyde and found out that Evan had Ciara. He said he had the phone that Evan answered. Paulina told Abe about changing Salem. She wanted to make things different for the town. She wanted to wine and dine him so he suggested they go to the pub.

Days of Our Lives 03-10-21 Recap 10th March 2021

Evan prepares to kill Ben. Shawn and Ben close in on Evan. Paulina inadvertently stirs up drama for Eli and Lani. Theo returns to Salem.

Julie didn’t understand why Claire didn’t want her to tell Doug about Ciara. She didn’t want him to get his hopes up for nothing right now. Julie agreed not to say anything to Doug until they got good news. Shawn traced the phone that Ben gave him. Ben wondered if Ciara was in Brookville the entire time. Shawn said Evan might have been on the move while he made the calls. Ben was afraid it would take too long for them to find Evan. Evan waited at Ben’s place so he could kill him when he got home. Gabi talked to Roman about Jake rejecting her for Kate. She badmouthed Kate and he didn’t want to hear it. He reminded her how Kate’s the mother of his children and his ex-wife. He thought Jake was the one who wasn’t good enough for her. Gabi noticed his attitude about Jake and wondered why he didn’t like him.

Theo came to town to see Lani and the twins. Lani let him hold Jules. She asked him to be Jules’ Godfather. He wanted to know if she was sure she wanted him to be her Godfather. Lani was hoping he would stay in town. Abe and Paulina arrived at Julie’s Place. Paulina and Julie had an awkward introduction. Roman made Gabi feel better about Jake. Paulina met Valerie and Theo. Shawn was upset that he and Ben couldn’t trace the call he was making. Shawn called someone else to put another trace on the phone. Claire went to Ben’s apartment and found Evan there. He pretended to be there looking for Ben too. She said she recognized him just as he was about to leave. Lani and Eli announced to everyone who the Godparents to the twins would be. 

Shawn told Ben that Evan was in Salem. Evan wasn’t happy that Claire recognized him. She tried to cover up how she knew him, but he didn’t believe her. She tried to leave, but he stopped her. He wanted to talk to her about who she was. Ben thought Evan would be at his place. Shawn wanted to know why he would be there. Claire told Evan who she was. He noticed the way she reacted when she saw him. He knew she was afraid of him. He said Ben couldn’t know he was there. He realized she was related to Ciara. He told her how she ruined his life. She defended Ciara and he threatened to kill her. Claire wanted to know why he was there and what he wanted from Ben. He said he was going to kill him. He wanted to figure out what he would do to her.

Days of Our Lives 03-10-21 Recap 10th March 2021.


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