Days of Our Lives 03-15-21 Recap 15th March 2021

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 03-15-21 Recap 15th March 2021

Days of Our Lives 03-15-21, Sarah wanted Kristen to let her go. She promised that she wouldn’t say anything about her. Kristen didn’t believe her. Sarah told her that Xander would come looking for her if she didn’t show up for her wedding day. She said he would look for her. Kristen didn’t seem worried about it. Sarah thought she was going to kill her. Julie was upset to find Xander in her house. Jack showed up to explain why he was there. Jack got word that Ciara is alive. Theo showed up at the hospital and ran into Claire. She told him what happened to Ciara. Ben talked to Marlena about what happened when he rescued Ciara.

Days of Our Lives 03-15-21 Recap 15th March 2021

Sarah fears how far Kristen will go to keep her quiet. Meanwhile, Xander grows concerned when he realizes Sarah is MIA, and an anxious Ben waits with Marlena for word on Ciara.

Kristen told Sarah that she wasn’t a killer. Sarah reminded her about what she did to Hailey. Kristen explained that her death was an accident. She said that she was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Sarah was grateful she didn’t plan on killing her. She did want to know what she was going to do with her. Julie was elated that Ciara was found alive. She wanted to tell Doug about Ciara. Jack said that he would have the paper hold off on reporting about Ciara until the family found out about it. She agreed because she didn’t want Hope to find out another way. Jack thought they should hold off telling Doug. She realized because they had to make sure that Ciara was okay before he knew the truth. Marlena continued to console Ben about Ciara. She reminded him how he never gave up when everyone thought Ciara was dead. She assured him that Ciara would come back to him.

Marlena wanted Ben to believe in the connection he had with Ciara. She told him that their connection was real and it would bring Ciara back to him. Marlena explained how she felt the same connection to John. She knew Ciara was feeling his love. Theo couldn’t believe what happened with Claire and Evan. She told him about her father being shot. Xander noticed how Sarah didn’t call him back. Kristen agreed with Sarah that Xander would come looking for her. She thought about sending Sarah to a deserted island. Sarah couldn’t believe she was serious. She asked her if she was a nun not too long ago. Kristen became annoyed with her and considered killing her. Sarah backed down and agreed to go on the island. She warned her that Xander wouldn’t stop looking for her. Kristen told her that he wouldn’t if she broke up with him in a brutal way.

Kristen used Sarah’s phone and pretended to break up with him. Sarah said her plan wouldn’t work. She said he wouldn’t believe that she would break up with him that way. He called the phone back and Kristen let her know she had her chance to tell him. Marlena felt guilty about having Evan released. Ben started coughing. Claire told Theo how she fell in love with a psychopath. She was lucky her mother showed up when she did. Theo wanted to know if she thought Sami killed Charlie. Claire suddenly wanted to check on her father. Marlena wanted Ben to get checked out. He wanted to make sure that Ciara was fine before he got checked out. Kristen told Sarah what she could say to make Xander believe that she would break up with him. Sarah didn’t know how to explain things to her. Sarah said she knew she loved Brady and Rachel, but kidnapping wasn’t the way to go. She wanted to know how long she planned on being Susan. She told her how she was close to her family and couldn’t do anything about it. She told her that she would help her if she stopped what she was doing. She begged Kristen to do the right thing.

Days of Our Lives 03-15-21 Recap 15th March 2021.


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