Days of Our Lives 03-16-21 Recap 16th March 2021

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 03-16-21 Recap 16th March 2021

Days of Our Lives 03-16-21, Ben was ready to see Ciara, but he started coughing. Kayla wanted to make sure he was okay. Marlena asked Belle why she was throwing Sami to the wolves. Nicole brought Allie to the station so she could see Sami. Lucas talked to Sami about the case against her. He let her know that Trask was building a case against her. Sami told him there was a problem with the case. She said she was innocent. Belle let Marlena know that she couldn’t represent someone who lied to her. Marlena reminded her that Sami was her sister. She told her that Sami would lose her life if she got convicted.

Days of Our Lives 03-16-21 Recap 16th March 2021

Ciara reunites with her loved ones, Sami confesses the truth to Lucas, and Ben has a setback.

Lucas didn’t understand how Sami was innocent when her fingerprints were on the gun. He wanted her to explain it to him. Rafe told Allie and Nicole how Ciara was alive. Ben had a dream about reuniting with Ciara. Claire told him how his lungs were weak and he had to be checked out. Shawn went to see Ciara. She woke up and he assured her that she was safe. Belle told Marlena that she wouldn’t change her mind about representing her. She told Belle that Sami would be even worse with another attorney. Belle said she did enough by agreeing to represent her considering what she did by unleashing Jan on her family. Lucas wanted answers from Sami. She finally broke down and told him what happened when she went to Charlie’s apartment. She went to his apartment and wanted to break in, but the door was open. She was taken over by fear. She was reminded about what Alan did to her. She was ready to confront him the way she made Alan pay. Lucas asked her if she had a gun. She saw a gun on the floor. She looked up and saw Charlie on the floor. Lucas wanted to know what he said. She told him how Charlie was already dead.

Ben wanted to see Ciara, but Kayla said he couldn’t go. He still needed oxygen because the smoke damaged his lungs. Ciara looked confused while Shawn was talking to her. He asked her if she recognized him. Ciara recognized him. Allie arrived at the hospital and ran into Ben and Claire. Shawn came out and said Ciara was awake. Ben rushed to see her. Marlena hoped Belle would stand behind Sami even if she wouldn’t represent her. She told Belle that she thought Sami was innocent. She didn’t think she would do anything to destroy her family. Marlena didn’t understand why Sami lied to her and Rafe when her story could be checked out. Sami continued to tell her story to Lucas. She said she shot him even though he was already dead. Lucas couldn’t believe she shot Charlie’s dead body. He wanted to know why she didn’t tell the police. She said she was thinking she didn’t do it. He said he didn’t do it. She said she didn’t do it either. They talked about who else had a motive to kill him.

Allie and Claire talked about Ciara and Sami. Allie felt responsible for what happened to Sami. Sami told Lucas that she took the fall because she didn’t want Rafe to go after Allie. Belle wanted Marlena to help Sami. She didn’t want to see Sami go back to prison. Shawn walked in and told them how Ciara was doing great. Ben went to see Ciara. Rafe received some information that might prove that Sami was innocent. Sami made Lucas promise not to tell anyone what she said. Ben was so excited to see Ciara. She told him to get away from her. She said he was the necktie killer. 

Days of Our Lives 03-16-21 Recap 16th March 2021.


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