Days of Our Lives 03-17-21 Recap 17th March 2021

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 03-17-21 Recap 17th March 2021

Days of Our Lives 03-17-21, Claire asked Allie if she killed Charlie. She said she wouldn’t have let her mother go to jail. Ben sat with Ciara. She was upset because she thought he was still the necktie killer. She wanted him to get out of her room. Kate wanted to know why Jake was dreaming about Gabi. He tried to explain to Kate what was going on with him. He was getting tired of her accusations. Nicole talked to Rafe about Allie’s feelings. She told him that Allie felt bad for what happened to her mother. Rafe hoped the evidence he was told about was enough to clear Sami. Claire told Allie that she wouldn’t judge her if she did kill Charlie. Allie got upset because she didn’t think she believed her. Claire noticed how she didn’t answer her. Allie had to leave to check on Henry.

Days of Our Lives 03-17-21 Recap 17th March 2021

Gabi clashes with Ava, Rafe pursues another murder suspect, and Jake dreams about Gabi.

Ciara screamed and didn’t want Ben near her. Kayla arrived in her room and heard the commotion. She tried to calm Ciara down. Ben walked out of her room. He saw Claire and told her what happened with Ciara. Ciara asked Kayla why he was there. She thought he was there to kill her. Kayla said he wasn’t trying to kill her. Gabi was tired of Ava being at the house with her and Rafe. She mentioned how Ava slipped out of the house the night Charlie died. Gabi wanted to know why she lied to Rafe about being home all night. Jake told Kate he was in love with her and not Gabi. Jake reassured her that he loved her and kissed her. Rafe was at the mansion to let Kate know about the forensics report. She wondered why he was telling her about it. He said the gun was hers. 

Kate said it was impossible for her gun to be the one used in the murder because it was upstairs. Jake suggested she call her lawyer. She said she would go upstairs to look to get the gun. Jake remembered when Kate told him how she wanted to shoot Charlie for what he did to Allie. Claire tried to make Ben feel better about the way Ciara treated him. He said she wasn’t different towards Shawn. He wanted to go back to her room and tell her how she was the love of his life. Claire suggested he stay with her. Kayla told Ciara how she suffered from some memory loss. Ciara found that hard to believe since she remembered her and Shawn. She also remembered herself. Kayla told her that was promising because she could have a full recovery. Ciara didn’t want Ben back in her room. Kayla was determined to keep her safe. Nicole told Allie that there was evidence that might clear Sami. Kate gave Rafe the combination to her box. She said she didn’t have anything to hide. He opened the box and the gun was missing. 

Nicole noticed how Allie wasn’t happy about the news that the evidence could get Sami off. Allie didn’t want to get her hopes up since it didn’t help before. Rafe wanted to know why the gun was missing. Kate said anyone could have taken it. Rafe told her how no one else in the house had a reason to kill Charlie besides her. He wanted to take the box to the station to get it dusted for prints. He walked out of the mansion. Tripp told Gabi that his mother didn’t have a reason to lie. He didn’t like the way Gabi was talking to Ava. Ben was determined to see Ciara. Claire told him it wasn’t a good idea to push Ciara. Kayla arrived and told them that Ciara was experiencing selective memory loss. Claire asked her if she told Ciara that Ben was her husband. Kayla didn’t tell her about him. She didn’t want to explain that to her right now. Ben wanted to know if Ciara’s condition was temporary. He asked her what would happen if she didn’t get her memory back. Claire asked if she could sit with Ciara. Claire assured Ben that everything would be okay. Jake wanted to talk to Kate about whether she killed Charlie. She assured him that she was innocent. He wanted to figure out who stole her gun. Ben was determined to get Ciara to remember him. Claire went to Ciara’s room. She asked her if she remembered her. Ciara said she was the one who slept with her boyfriend Tripp.

Days of Our Lives 03-17-21 Recap 17th March 2021.


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