Days of Our Lives 03-18-21 Recap 18th March 2021

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 03-18-21 Recap 18th March 2021

Days of Our Lives 03-18-21, Kristen told Sarah how she planned on pulling off pretending to be her. She let her know what she was going to say when she dumped Xander. Rex talked to Brady and Chloe about Xander rubbing it in his face how he was marrying Sarah. He admitted how he screwed up with Sarah. He knew she wouldn’t be with him again after he cheated on her twice. Brady advised him to tell Sarah again before it was too late. Sarah let Kristen know that she sounded nothing like her. Kristen explained how the mask had a voice mechanism to disguise it. Sarah said Xander wouldn’t believe her. She noticed that Sarah had a lot of missed calls. Kristen saw that Rex called. She left the room to answer the phone. Claire went to see Ciara. Ciara remembered her stealing Tripp from her. Claire didn’t understand why she was acting like that. Ciara told her how she always tried to make things about her when guys liked her. Claire told her how she loved her and Ben loved her too.

Days of Our Lives 03-18-21 Recap 18th March 2021

Kristen reveals her dastardly plans to Sarah, Chloe and Brady encourage Rex to fight for Sarah, and Ciara lashes out at Claire.

Ciara didn’t understand how Ben could love her. Ciara thought Claire hired him so he could kill her. Claire tried to make her understand, but Ciara threw her out of her room. Kayla told Ben that he needed to take care of himself. He said he was fine and wanted Ciara to remember him. Claire came back and told them how Ciara yelled at her about things that happened a long time ago. Ben wanted to go after her. Kayla stopped him from going back to her room. She said to give Ciara some space until she can figure out what’s going on with her. Rex was surprised Sarah answered the phone. He told her that she was making a mistake marrying Xander. He wanted to meet her to talk about that. Xander went to see Brady and Chloe if they saw Sarah. Brady told him that Sarah didn’t want to be found. Kristen went back in the room and let Sarah know that Rex still had feelings for her. Sarah was confused by what she meant. Kristen said Rex wanted to meet with her and she agreed. Sarah said she wouldn’t say anything to anyone. Kristen didn’t believe her because of what she said to her before. Sarah promised not to say anything. Kristen couldn’t take the chance. 

Brady kept telling Xander how Sarah changed her mind about marrying him. Xander couldn’t believe he wasn’t willing to help him. “Sarah” met with Rex at the pub. Rex asked her not to marry Xander. She said that she wouldn’t do it. Claire told Ben how Ciara told her about walking in and seeing her with Tripp. He realized that was years ago. She said that Ciara couldn’t remember anything that happened after she saw her with Tripp. Kayla checked on Ciara. She wanted to know the last thing she remembered. Ciara remembered crashing her bike and thought that was why she was at the hospital. Claire continued to talk to Ben about how much Ciara hated her. Ben tried to make her feel better about what happened. She apologized for not getting through to Ciara. Ben said Ciara was terrified of him. She thought he was trying to kill her. He said he would never hurt her. Claire tried to make him feel better about Ciara. 

Ciara explained to Kayla everything she remembered before the accident. Kayla wondered if she remembered anything else about the wedding. Rex was surprised that “Sarah” was willing to call off the wedding. “Sarah” told him how she didn’t forget about what he did to Micki. She explained how she couldn’t marry a man like that. He said she was going to go through with the wedding. She told him how she would have gone through with it if he didn’t call her. Rex wanted to go somewhere private. She wanted to go up to his room. Kristen called Xander to tell him how Sarah and Rex were together at the pub and were going towards the bedrooms. Ben was upset that Ciara didn’t remember anything about their lives together. Ciara thought about her last conversation together. Kristen started to make love to Rex. Xander barged in the room and saw them together. 

Days of Our Lives 03-18-21 Recap 18th March 2021.


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