Days of Our Lives 03-22-21 Recap 22nd March 2021

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 03-22-21 Recap 22nd March 2021

Days of Our Lives 03-22-21, Xander told Jack about Sarah leaving him for Rex. He was shocked to find out that Sarah went with Rex. Xander talked to him about Sarah being upset with him for letting her think her baby was alive. He said that she lied about forgiving him. Jack found it hard to believe. He thought Rex guilted her to give him another chance. Xander let him know that Sarah was the one who initiated them being in bed together. Kristen went into the wine cellar and noticed how Sarah was missing. Sarah came from behind the door and went after Kristen. They struggled until Kristen stabbed her with the syringe. Kate was upset that Rex was going to go away with Sarah. She tried to talk him out of it, but he didn’t listen to her. Kristen was relieved that Sarah was still alive. Sarah thought she was Xander. Sarah was delusional and thought she was telling Xander about what Kristen did to her. Kristen played along and told Sarah that she was taking her to an island. 

Days of Our Lives 03-22-21 Recap 22nd March 2021

Allie comes clean with Lucas, Sami makes a confession to Rafe, and Rex has surprising news for Kate and Roman. Also, Sarah battles Kristen for her freedom.

Sami was upset when saw Allie talking to Rafe. She wanted Allie to leave. She yelled at Rafe because he was talking to her about the murder. Rafe tried to tell her how he was trying to help her, but she made it hard. He told her how Kate’s gun was stolen. She thought he should have been questioning Kate. Rafe let her know that Allie stole Kate’s gun before and used it to threaten Tripp. Allie went home and found Lucas there. Lucas told her how Kate’s gun was the murder weapon used on Charlie. He wanted to know if she took the gun. Rafe told Sami about Allie being spotted trying to shoot Tripp. She didn’t think Ava was a credible witness. He told her that it was on public record. Sami realized that Allie was in trouble. He hugged her. Lucas asked Allie again if she took the gun. She admitted that she took the gun. 

Xander talked to Jack about how much Sarah meant to him. Kristen put Sarah in a trunk so she could get her out of the cellar. Sarah didn’t understand why she had to get in the trunk for protection. Kate and Roman talked about Allie killing Charlie. They also thought Sami covered up for her. Sami told Rafe that there wasn’t any proof that Allie touched the gun. He said how she covered up the prints. She said the gunshot residue was on her clothes. He wanted to know if she was confessing. Allie told Lucas how she went to Kate’s place and took her gun. He wanted to know what happened. She said she went to Charlie’s apartment. Allie flashed back to being at Charlie’s place with Kate’s gun. Xander went to the hotel and found Sarah’s gift to him. He couldn’t believe she did that to him.

Rafe was convinced Sami was trying to protect Allie. Allie continued to point the gun at Charlie and left the gun with him. She said she wanted to shoot him, but she couldn’t do it. Kristen dressed up as Sarah and ran into Rex. She told him that she didn’t want to be with him. She told him not to look for her. Lucas wanted Allie to tell Rafe what she told him. She thought her confession would make things worse for Sami. He told her how she didn’t do it either. She realized Sami was covering for her. She wondered who showed up after she left, but before Sami got there. Sami confessed to Rafe that she shot Charlie. Tripp showed up at Charlie’s place and saw the tape at his door. He flashed back to being there and knocking on the door.

Days of Our Lives 03-22-21 Recap 22nd March 2021.


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