Days of Our Lives 03-24-21 Recap 24th March 2021

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 03-24-21 Recap 24th March 2021

Days of Our Lives 03-24-21, Eli and Lani talked to Abe about the misunderstanding about Paulina being the godmother of the babies. They let him know that Valerie was going to tell her the truth. He felt sorry for her. He informed them how she planned on renting a store in Salem. He let them know how she expected him to help her because there weren’t any black owned businesses in Salem. Valerie visited Paulina. Paulina surprised her with a Godmother shirt. Valerie told her about not being the godmother. She let her know that Eli and Lani wanted Julie to be the godmother. Pauline was livid at the idea of Julie being the godmother. Ciara talked to Julie and Doug about Ben. She didn’t understand why he and Claire said that she was in love with him. Doug wanted to tell her the truth, but Julie stopped him from saying something. Ben confided in Jake about Ciara having amnesia. He wasn’t sure what he would do if Ciara didn’t get her memory back.

Days of Our Lives 03-24-21 Recap 24th March 2021

Ciara is thrilled when Theo stops by for a visit, Ben encourages Jake to be proactive about Ciara, and Lani and Eli prepare for the christening of the twins. Also, Valerie has disappointing news for Paulina.

Paulina thought Lani and Eli wanted her to be the baby’s godmother. Valerie let her know they wanted Julie to be the godmother. She was thankful Valerie told her the truth. Paulina was embarrassed and didn’t want to go to the Christening. Valerie tried to convince her to go to it anyway. She said she had too many things to do and didn’t want to go. Ciara wanted to know what Kayla told Doug and Julie. Julie told her part of what Kayla said. Julie was willing to talk about something other than Ben if that’s what Ciara wanted. Doug and Julie wanted to give her time to herself. Ben thought it was crazy that Jake wanted him to use Dr. Rolf’s serum to get Ciara’s memory back. Jake said it might help because his mother used it for him. Ben didn’t trust it because Vivian wanted to use it. Jake told him that it helped Will. Ben reminded him how Kayla said he had to wait. Jake got upset and told him that he was the best cure for Ciara’s amnesia and he had to do something.

Doug expressed how he didn’t agree with Kayla’s recommendation. He thought Ben could help Ciara get her memory back. Julie thought it would be too much for her to deal with now. He thought Ben’s heart must be broken. Jake continued to convince Ben to fight for Ciara. Theo went to see Ciara. She was surprised to see Theo. Valerie showed up at the church. Lani wanted to know how Paulina took the news. Valerie said she took it worse than she thought she would. Lani wanted to call her, but she advised her not to talk to her until after the ceremony. Ciara talked to Theo about seeing Claire making out with Tripp. She let him know how she ran off and jumped on her bike to leave. She also mentioned how Claire kept them apart. She refused to forgive her after that. He wondered if she could give Claire one more chance. 

Everyone gathered at the church for the service. Theo wondered if Paulina was going to be there. Lani told him that she wasn’t going to be there. Paulina showed up after all and wanted to tell Julie something. She apologized for getting the wrong idea about being the godmother. She gave her the shirt she gave to Valerie. They all agreed they were family. 

Days of Our Lives 03-24-21 Recap 24th March 2021.


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