Days of Our Lives 03-25-21 Recap 25th March 2021

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 03-25-21 Recap 25th March 2021

Days of Our Lives 03-25-21, Ben went to Ciara’s room and she wasn’t happy about it. She wanted him out, but he refused to go. He let her know that he loved her. She thought he was obsessed with her. He said he was obsessed enough to marry her. The Christening started. The minister wanted to hear from Valerie. She promised to be there for the twins. Abe said his children were the great joy of his life. He was grateful and honored to be the godfather of Carver. Theo was going to be a proud godfather to Julie. Julie talked about saying goodbye to her son David. She found out about Eli being her grandson. She regretted not knowing him sooner. She promised to shower Julie love and spoil her rotten. 

Days of Our Lives 03-25-21 Recap 25th March 2021

Ben tries to get through to Ciara, Eli and Lani celebrate the christening of their twins, and Paulina has a surprise for Eli and Lani. Also, Claire and Tripp have drinks with Chanel, who’s new in town.

Ciara thought Ben was a liar because she would never marry someone like him. He said their wedding was beautiful. She reminded him how he killed three women. He wanted to show her some things. She agreed to look at them and wanted him to leave. She saw their wedding picture. She thought the picture was photoshopped. He denied doing anything to the picture. He showed her the washer he used as her engagement ring. She didn’t believe it. She said it was from her father’s motorcycle and she crashed it. He let her know she didn’t go to the hospital after the crash. Chanel got to know Claire. Tripp showed up to the table to talk to Claire about Ciara. She let him know that Ciara only remembered walking in on them half naked on the couch. The story caught Chanel’s interest. 

Ben wanted to tell Ciara their story. He let her know what happened after he found her after her accident. Chanel wanted Claire and Tripp to tell her about what happened when Ciara walked in on them. Ben told Ciara that he knew she remembered them and their history. He said she remembered their love. He asked her to try to remember. She said Kayla told her that he promised to stay away from her. He said her memory started to come back to her. She said he was wrong. Julie and Doug made a speech at Julie’s Place. Doug told Eli and Lani to open their gifts. Paulina let them know that she was paying for their college education. Claire told Chanel what happened when Ciara caught her and Tripp together. Chanel asked if Claire and Tripp were together. Claire said they were together until he decided to marry another girl. Chanel asked if there was someone new in the picture. Claire said she dated Tripp’s brother. She said he was murdered. Chanel asked who killed him. Claire told her that her aunt Sami was accused of killing him, but they didn’t know the truth. Ben refused to give up on Ciara. He said their love was too strong. She didn’t want to hear it. Roman showed up and she asked him to make Ben leave. She told him that she didn’t love him.

Chanel tried to get out of paying for the drinks, but Claire wouldn’t let her do it. She demanded that Chanel pay for the drinks since she drank the majority of them. Ben tried one more time to get through to Ciara, but she wouldn’t listen. She said for him to take his junk with him. He finally left her room. She asked Roman if what Ben said was true. He wanted to know what Ben said. She told him what Ben said. She begged him to tell her the truth. Roman told her that he was her husband. She said she crashed her bike so she didn’t have time to get married. She was confused. He wanted to get Kayla to help her.

Days of Our Lives 03-25-21 Recap 25th March 2021.


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