Days of Our Lives 03-30-21 Recap 30th March 2021

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 03-30-21 Recap 30th March 2021

Days of Our Lives 03-30-21, Brady went to see “Kristen” and he thought he heard her say her name. She managed to get out of it. He talked to her about her being in prison and how her time would be extended because she went after Chloe. She told him that she knew Chloe had feelings for him. He wanted to know how she knew how Chloe felt about him. Kristen called Vivian to find out if she was keeping an eye out for Susan. Vivian wanted to know if she kept her end of the bargain. She wanted to know if Kristen broke up Jake and Kate. Jake and Kate walked in on Philip with Gabi. She wanted to know why he was with Gabi. She thought Gabi was the one who hurt him. He told her Xander was the one who hit him. Ben talked to Marlena about Ciara. Ciara talked to Theo about being with Ben. She couldn’t believe she’d fall in love with a psychopath. She wanted to know what was wrong with her if she could fall for him.

Days of Our Lives 03-30-21 Recap 30th March 2021

Jake and Kate find Gabi and Philip in a compromising position. Kristen pleads with Vivian to help her out of a jam. Ben implores Marlena to help restore Ciara’s memory. Ciara takes comfort in Theo’s company.

Gabi invited Jake and Kate to dinner with her and Philip. Kristen said she would break up Jake and Kate. Vivian wasn’t happy about that. She said she would go to the visitor’s room and tell Brady the truth. Kristen promised to break up Jake and Kate. Chloe was at the doorway after Kirsten was finished talking. Brady wanted to know how “Kristen” knew Chloe had feelings for him. She said she just knew it. He didn’t want to talk about Chloe. He wanted to talk about them. He wanted to see what she was holding. He saw the plate with “The King” on it. He wanted to know who was the king. Kate didn’t want to have dinner with Gabi. Ciara thought she was crazy to fall in love with Ben. Theo tried to make her feel better about it. Ben wanted Marlena to help Ciara get her memory back. He talked to her about the drug Rolf had to get people to recover their memories. She informed him how it wasn’t for head trauma.

Chloe asked “Susan” about her conversation. She managed to get out of what she did. She wanted to talk to Chloe about her feelings for Brady. Vivian showed up in the visitor’s room and was able to explain the plate to Brady. Ben talked to Marlena about having a psychic vibe with Ciara. He couldn’t believe that Ciara wanted him gone now. He asked her if she could hypnotize her like she did for her and Allie. He said it wasn’t just about him anymore. He told her how Ciara hated Claire too. He asked her if she would help her granddaughter. Ciara didn’t care what the picture proved. She said she just felt disgust for Ben. Theo reminded her that she was supposed to forgive Claire. She said that she couldn’t do it. She knew she lost a chunk of time and knew something happened. She said she hated her now. He reminded her how they were close again. Ciara got upset and told him how he always defended Claire. Ciara apologized for the way she talked to him. Ciara wanted to know if her family approved of her wedding. He said people objected, but she didn’t listen to them. He told her that she always had to get what she wanted.

Kristen tried to get info from Chloe about when she planned on going after Brady. Vivian told “Kristen” that she had to go. Brady wanted to show her pictures of Rachel. Vivian asked her if she talked to him about not visiting for a while. Brady didn’t understand why she wanted that. She said it wasn’t really what she wanted. Vivian said it was the best thing for him. “Kristen” told him it was important that he focus on Rachel without any distractions. She wanted to focus on her time in prison. Vivian assured her that she would be there for her. Brady asked her if they hated each other. Vivian said she hated a lot of people more than her. Kate changed her mind and was willing to have dinner with Gabi and Philip. Kate and Philip left the room. Jake was surprised that Gabi was giving Philip mouth to mouth. She wanted to know if he was jealous.

Kate talked to Philip about Gabi. She warned him not to get involved with Gabi. She said he was only going after him to get back at her. He told her that he was capable of making his own decisions. Jake said he wasn’t jealous of Gabi’s interactions with Philip. She said she’s done much worse than Philip. Ben reminded Marlena how hypnosis helped so many people. He wanted to know if it would hurt Ciara’s recovery. She said it wouldn’t hurt her. She also said she couldn’t do it without Ciara’s consent. He wanted to know if she would ask Ciara to go along with it. Brady couldn’t believe Kristen wouldn’t want him to visit her. She needed time so she could be there for him and Rachel. He finally agreed and said he wouldn’t come back for a while. Chloe talked to “Susan” about how great Brady was. She talked about how Kristen wasn’t right for Brady. She also mentioned how she risked losing her family because of her jealousy. She wondered what type of life that would be for Brady.

Marlena went to see Ciara. She didn’t understand how she could fall for Ben because he gave her the creeps. Marlena let her know that was why she was there. She wanted to help her get her memories back. Susan told Vivian that she saved her in time. Vivian was glad she could help. Susan didn’ think she could keep up the charade. Vivian wouldn’t help out if Kristen didn’t keep up her end of the bargain.

Days of Our Lives 03-30-21 Recap 30th March 2021.


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