Days of Our Lives 03-31-21 Recap 31st March 2021

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 03-31-21 Recap 31st March 2021

Days of Our Lives 03-31-21, Brady overheard “Susan” talking about a secret and wanted to know about it. She was acting nervous and didn’t want to tell him. He believed she was hiding something from him. She told him that Chloe had feelings for him. Paulina called Chanel out for the way she was spending, but she ordered herself a feast anyway. She noticed Chanel wasn’t sorry for spending so much. She reminded her mother how she was the one who gave her the money to spend. Paulina wanted her to get a job. Claire told Belle about what happened when she got drunk with Chanel. She said it helped her get over what happened with Ciara. Belle tried to comfort her. Ben talked to Theo about Ciara. Theo told him that Ciara didn’t want him. He let him know that he talked to Ciara. Theo tried to admit that Ciara didn’t want to be with a serial killer. Ben wanted to know if he let her know he wasn’t like that anymore. Theo told him that he didn’t defend him.

Days of Our Lives 03-31-21 Recap 31st March 2021

Marlena makes an offer to Ciara. Theo runs into an old flame. Paulina firmly tells Chanel she needs to get a job. Brady is stunned by Kristen’s confession.

Marlena wanted to help Ciara remember her love for Ben. Ciara didn’t want to believe she was in love with Ben. She thought he duped her. Marlena explained how she fell in love with Ben. Ciara wanted to know how she could fall in love with a man who killed three women. She also told her how he tried to kill Will. Marlena said she believed he changed. She wouldn’t have suggested he get out of Bayview if she didn’t think he changed. She wanted to know why she was terrified of him every time she saw him. Paulina reminded Chanel how she worked hard to get what she wanted. Chanel mentioned how she wasn’t really there for her. Paulina admitted she wasn’t the most hands on mother, but she did what she could for her. Chanel wanted to worry about that tomorrow. She was done arguing with her mother and walked out.

Brady asked “Susan” if she thought Chloe had feelings for him. She noticed that he didn’t seem surprised. He said Philip thought the same way. He said he asked Chloe and she denied it. “Susan” told him that she was going to deny it. He wanted to confront Chloe about her feelings. She thought that would be too embarrassing. She thought he should walk away from her. Chloe walked in the room and wanted to know if everything was okay. Ben thought Theo was trying to throw him under the bus with Ciara. Theo reminded him how he didn’t know him. He said that a real friend would help his friend’s marriage. Theo said he didn’t know him. Ben asked him if he noticed how he changed. He told him that people said he did. Ben wanted him to help convince Ciara to get her memory back. Ciara couldn’t believe that everyone would want a serial killer to marry a cop’s daughter. Ciara thought she was listening to someone else’s life. Marlena reminded her how she and Claire made up and were friends. 

Marlena told Ben that Ciara wanted time to think about hypnosis. Ben thought if they waited it would take too long for her to remember him. She warned him that they didn’t want to rush her. Ben wanted to know if he should wait to visit her again. She advised him to wait. She knew he wouldn’t give up on her. Marlena ran into Belle and they talked about Sami’s case. She told her that Sami recanted her testimony. She said she confessed because she thought Allie killed Charlie. Belle realized they were both innocent. They changed the subject and talked about Ciara. Marlena told her how Ciara wasn’t ready to get her memory back. Theo and Chanel ran into each other in the town square. It turned out they knew each other from Cape Town. They dated each other until Chanel broke up with him. Belle visited with Ciara. Ciara felt like she was still the same while everyone else changed. Belle told her everyone loved her including Claire. Ciara told her that she loved herself so much that she almost slept with her boyfriend.

Ben talked to Claire about his visit with Ciara. She asked him if it helped. He told her that he made things worse. Brady wanted to talk to Chloe about her feelings for him so he asked “Susan” to help John in the kitchen. He told Chloe he had a lot on his mind. Brady told her about his visit with Kristen. He let her know how Kristen didn’t want him to visit much. Ben continued to talk to Claire about Ciara. He wanted to get her to remember her love for him. Belle told Ciara that hypnosis might help her. She let her know she loved her and left the room.

Days of Our Lives 03-31-21 Recap 31st March 2021.


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