Days of Our Lives 04-05-21 Recap 5th April 2021

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 04-05-21 Recap 5th April 2021

Days of Our Lives 04-05-21, John told Marlena that he heard a gunshot at Charlie’s place. Marlena wanted him to take her through what happened step by step. He told her what happened while he was there. He wondered how he could have heard the gunshot from his car. He thought he was closer to the apartment than he thought. Ava told Nicole what happened when she went to Charlie’s apartment. She told her how Charlie was shot when she got there. She also noticed Tripp was at the apartment. Belle and Shawn talked about how Jan wanted to blackmail them in order to keep her from pressing charges against John. She didn’t want to give in to her. He wanted to know what she wanted to do. She didn’t know, but she didn’t want her to win.

Days of Our Lives 04-05-21 Recap 5th April 2021

Ava urges Nicole to keep her secret, Belle and Shawn reel over Jan’s threat, and John confides his fears in Marlena.

John talked to Marlena about possibly being the one who killed Charlie. He thought he might have shot him while he blacked out and didn’t remember it. Belle showed up while they were talking. John noticed her and stopped talking about that. Belle told them how she and Shawn talked to Jan. Jan threatened to blackmail him. Tripp told Allie that he was at Tripp’s apartment the night of Charlie’s murder. Sami showed up at Allie’s place. She told Allie that she was let off the hook. Tripp didn’t seem happy about it. Nicole told Ava that they could find the best lawyer for Tripp. She didn’t want him to get in trouble. Nicole told her how she couldn’t let Sami go to prison for something she didn’t do. She said she had to tell Rafe about it. He walked in while she said that. He wanted to know what she was going to say.

Allie was relieved that Sami was released from jail. Tripp was listening to them while they were talking. Rafe wanted to know what Nicole meant. Rafe told Nicole and Ava how Sami was on a flight the time Charlie was shot. Nicole thought the killer was still there. Ava asked if there were any suspects. Allie introduced Sami to Tripp. John was upset about Jan’s threat. Belle wanted him to calm down. Ben showed up at the townhouse to find out if Marlena heard from Ciara. She said she didn’t hear from him. He had a book and told her that he heard from her. Shawn visited Ciara and she was reading the same book. Ciara wanted to know if he found their mother. He said he didn’t know where to find her. She wanted him to call her to let her know she’s back. Ciara told him how he went out of town to look for her and wanted to know why he was there. He had to deal with another situation, but he was going to search for her again. He noticed the book and asked her about it. She said Ben gave it to her along with other things. She didn’t have any memories of him and didn’t want to have any.

Ben talked to Marlena about a flashback he had of Ciara. He felt like Ciara had the same flashback. Marlena asked him if she had the same thought. He assumed Ciara would call her to talk about it. Marlena said she didn’t do it. Belle found out that the charges against Sami were dropped. She said it wasn’t good news for Trask. John wanted to know if there were any suspects. Allie wanted to know why the charges were dropped against Sami. She told her that the autopsy report showed that she wasn’t in town when Charlie was killed. She told Allie and Tripp that someone else killed him before she got there. Tripp seemed uncomfortable. Rafe wanted to cook for Ava and Nicole. Ava said Nicole had to leave, but she was going to stay. Ava wanted to know why she was staying. Nicole felt like Rafe should learn the truth about Tripp possibly killing Charlie. Ava reminded her that Tripp was the only child she had left and didn’t want her to ruin his life. 

Ava continued to ask Nicole not to hurt Tripp by telling Rafe the truth. She thought his life would be over if she told Rafe what she said. Sami went to check on Henry. Allie wanted to know what happened at Charlie’s place. She begged him to tell her that he didn’t kill Charlie. Belle wished Jan stayed in the coma. She wasn’t sure if Claire would fall for Jan’s lies again. Ciara didn’t care about Ben, but Shawn told her that Ben loved her. She said he was a killer. Shawn suggested that she talk to Marlena. She let him know that she did. Marlena wanted her to go under hypnosis. John told Belle to let Shawn know that he could arrest Jan. 

Days of Our Lives 04-05-21 Recap 5th April 2021.


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