Days of Our Lives 04-09-21 Recap 9th April 2021

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Days of Our Lives 04-09-21 Recap 9th April 2021

Days of Our Lives 04-09-21, John went to Jan’s room because they had unfinished business. He wanted to apologize to her for what he did to her. She said that she provoked him to do it. She said it didn’t mean that he was off the hook. She said that he would go to prison if Belle pressed charges against her. She said they were both going to jail. Marlena and Belle talked at the hospital about John’s condition. Belle thought that he didn’t have any incidents in a while. Marlena thought about what John told her. Belle wanted to know if something happened. Ava admitted to Rafe that Tripp might have killed Charlie. He wanted some answers from her. She said it wasn’t easy for her to tell him what happened. Tripp wanted to talk to Steve about what happened the night Charlie died.

Days of Our Lives 04-09-21 Recap 9th April 2021

Allie tries to protect Tripp, Rafe eliminates a murder suspect, and Sami admits that her marriage is in trouble.

Sami talked to Lucas about him being there for her. He wanted to get a chance to say goodbye. She thought he was going away. He thought she was going home to EJ. She wasn’t sure what she was going to do. She decided she wanted to stay in Salem for a little while. He thought she wanted to be there for Allie and Henry. She didn’t want to put it on them. Lucas wanted to know why she didn’t want to go back to Italy. Sami didn’t think there was anything there was any reason to go back there. Rafe told Ava that she wouldn’t be selling Tripp out if she told him what happened. He reminded her that he was only able to help Sami once she told him the truth. He promised to help Tripp and he knew Steve would help him too. He wanted to talk to Tripp so he wanted to know where to find him. 

Allie wanted to apologize to Kayla for dragging her into her mess with Tripp. She understood. She said they just had to move on with their lives. Tripp told Steve that he went to see Charlie the night he was shot. Steve hoped he wasn’t telling him that he was the one who killed him. John let Jan know that he didn’t apologize to her to keep her from pressing charges against him. She said as long as Belle didn’t press charges against her then she wouldn’t do it to him. He said he couldn’t guarantee that so she told him that she couldn’t do it either. John walked out of the room and saw Belle and Marlena. He let them know that Jan wouldn’t drop the charges unless Jan dropped the charges. Belle said she was there to make a deal with Jan. Marlena wasn’t sure if Jan would honor her end of the deal. Sami continued to talk to Lucas about what was going on with EJ.

Rafe and Ava showed up at Kayla’s place to see Tripp. Allie wanted to know why he wanted to see him. She tried to text him to keep him from showing up there, but he was already there. Tripp thought Ava killed Charlie and tried to defend her. She told him that she didn’t kill Charlie. He said that she told Rafe that she told him the truth. She said she told Rafe that she saw him at Charlie’s apartment. Sami told Lucas how things changed once Sydney went to school. She wasn’t sure if she should tell him about it. He said he was in her corner and wanted her to talk about what happened. She felt like EJ blamed her for what happened. He tried to make her feel better about what happened. Belle said she wasn’t letting John go to prison. John told her to call Shawn to have Jan arrested. Belle said her mind was made up. He was adamant that she call Shawn to have Jan arrested. She made it seem like she was going to call Shawn when they left. Belle went to Jan’s room to talk to her. 

Tripp told Ava that he didn’t kill Charlie. She was relieved. Rafe wasn’t happy that Ava and Tripp lied. Steve wanted him to realize it was fine that they lied. Rafe let them know that they could have solved Charlie’s murder if everyone was honest in the first place. Jan was surprised that Belle was caving and not pressing charges against her. She said she was the only one who could press charges against her. Belle gave her a legal agreement saying that she wouldn’t press charges against her and that she couldn’t press charges against John. Sami knew how the people in Salem felt about EJ. She said no one knew him the way she did. She said that his attitude would go away when they were together. Lucas noticed how she was talking to him in the past tense. She said he didn’t look at her or touch her the way he did before. She had to admit that she was never going to be loved again. He assured her that she would be loved. He kissed her.

Days of Our Lives 04-09-21 Recap 9th April 2021.


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