Days of Our Lives 04-14-21 Recap 14th April 2021

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Days of Our Lives 04-14-21 Recap 14th April 2021

Days of Our Lives 04-14-21, Abby was in for a shock when she overheard Jack and Gwen talking about her pregnancy. She couldn’t believe she heard that she was carrying Chad’s baby. Gabi talked to Philip about getting Gabi Chic ready. They ended up talking about performing for Kate and Jake. Philip noticed how jealous Jake was when they were flirting with each other. Chad told Theo about what happened with Gwen. He told Theo that he and Abby were trying to work things out. Theo wanted to know how Gwen and Abby were going to mend things when they hate each other. Chad was sure they could work things out. Abby was convinced Gwen was lying about the baby. Jack said he was there and saw the pregnancy test. Abby wanted to know if he was there when took it. Abby said Gwen was capable of faking a pregnancy test. Gwen told her that she really was pregnant with Chad’s baby.

Days of Our Lives 04-14-21 Recap 14th April 2021

Allie tries to protect Tripp, Rafe eliminates a murder suspect, and Sami admits that her marriage is in trouble.

Ben talked to Jake about what happened when Ciara was put under hypnosis. Jake thought it was great that she was hypnotized. Ben said it wasn’t great because Ciara was upset when she remembered what happened. Jake said it was a setback and Ciara would remember the next time. Ben let him know that Ciara didn’t want to be under hypnosis and hated him. Ben said he brought her home safely and lost her forever. Jake said it might be time to try the serum. Philip asked Gabi out on a date. She didn’t think it was a good idea to mix business with pleasure. He said they did it before. He wondered if she wasn’t into him or if she was still into Jake. Ben thought the serum might be too dangerous. He loved Ciara too much to risk what they had. Jake asked even if it meant she would get her memory back. Justin went to see Ciara at the hospital. He gave her a card from Victor. Ciara wanted to know what Victor meant about the explosion at her wedding. Justin told her about the explosion that Eve started at the wedding. She said it was another example of Ben’s murder hurting her. She couldn’t believe her family was fine with her marrying a serial killer.

Theo and Chad talked about Ciara. He told Chad how Ciara only had part of her memory and didn’t love Ben anymore. Chad didn’t sing Ben’s praises. He talked about what he did to him and Abby. Theo was glad he wasn’t alone with the way he thought about Ben. Chad thought Ciara was too good for Ben and should be with someone else. Theo was on the same page as him. Chad asked him if he thought he should be the one with Ciara. Abby continued to give Gwen a piece of her mind, but Jack tried to stop her. Abby didn’t want to hear him stopping her from going off on Gwen. Gwen explained how she could be pregnant with Chad’s baby. She said it was the last thing she wanted. Abby told her to have an abortion if that was true. Abby wanted to know why Gwen wanted to cause more grief by having the baby. Abby wanted to take her to the clinic to take care of the problem. Chad realized that Theo was thinking of Ciara as more than a friend. Theo said she was married, but he did admit to having feelings for her.

Justin explained how he accepted Ben once Ciara was madly in love. Ciara reminded him how Ben killed people in cold blood. She couldn’t believe he was okay with that. Justin said Ben got therapy and turned his life around. Ciara believed a person could change, but not after you killed three people. She told him that he couldn’t convince her that someone like Ben could turn his life around. Ciara agreed with Victor that it was great that she forgot about being in love with Ben. Ben told Jake he couldn’t risk Ciara’s life by letting her take the serum. Jake said he took it and didn’t have any side effects. He told Ben that Kate took the serum too and didn’t have any side effects. He said he would make the call if Ben changed his mind about giving it to Ciara. Gabi wondered if Philip was coming on to her. Philip reminded her that they were age appropriate. He thought they had something in common since he wanted to be back together with Chloe. He mentioned how she rejected him multiple times. Gabi understood where he was coming from, but she thought dinner was too much pressure. She was willing to go to lunch with him.

Ben couldn’t believe his relationship with Ciara was ending that way. Jake said he had his back. He would be willing to get the serum for him just in case he wanted to use it. Ben changed his mind and told him to call Kate to find out how she got the serum. Chad said Theo would be better off Ciara than Ben. Abby wanted to call the clinic, but Jack stopped her. Jack said it was a lot for Gwen to accept. Abby couldn’t believe Jack was concerned about how Gwen was feeling. She reminded him how she was feeling. Abby warned Gwen to end the pregnancy. Jack told Gwen Abby didn’t have the right to make the decision about her pregnancy. Abby went back to the DiMera mansion. Chad asked her how it went. Abby said it didn’t go well at all. Chad didn’t want her to keep drinking and asked her what was wrong. She told him that Gwen was pregnant with his child. Jack wanted Gwen to give Abby a chance to calm down and she would realize that she didn’t have a right to tell her what to do with her child. He said if she did decide to have an abortion, he would support her. He asked her if she wanted to have the baby.

Days of Our Lives 04-14-21 Recap 14th April 2021.


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