Days of Our Lives 04-26-21 Recap 26th April 2021

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Days of Our Lives 04-26-21 Recap 26th April 2021

Days of Our Lives 04-26-21, Paulina was upset that Chanel tried to scam her with Xander. She tried to defend herself and said that she planned on giving the money back to her. Chloe called Brady to let him know that Belle was arrested for killing Charlie. Jake demanded to know who “Susan” was. She wouldn’t tell him that she was Kristen and tried to distract him from seeing Kate. He realized she was EJ’s mother and the person who told Ben about Ciara being alive. He wanted to know why she was in his house. She told him that she had a premonition about him and Gabi. Gabi wanted Philip to go to bed with her. He hesitated because he knew she wasn’t happy that Jake was going away with his mother. Theo talked to Abe about Chanel. He talked to him about her being a golddigger. He also talked to Abe about going back home with Ciara.

Days of Our Lives 04-26-21 Recap 26th April 2021

Kristen, disguised as Susan, gives Jake romantic advice. Meanwhile, Philip takes Gabi home to make love, and Paulina rips into Chanel and Xander.

Chanel continued to explain to Paulina why she was working with Xander. Paulina was upset and didn’t want to hear what she had to say. She took the check she did give to Xander and ripped it up. She wasn’t sure which one was worse. Chanel reminded her that she thought Xander was a terrible person. Paulina wanted her to stay with Xander since she wanted to scam her. Chanel got upset with Xander and blamed him for the plan not working. He told her how she was the one who wanted to split the money. Abe wanted to make sure Theo knew what he was doing by being with Ciara. Gabi wanted Philip to make love to her. Kristen continued to tell Jake about her premonition about Gabi. He didn’t believe Gabi was the one she saw with him, but she insisted it was her. He looked around her and wanted to know what was on the floor. Kate was the one on the floor. 

Chanel told Xander that he wasn’t going to get anything now so he should divorce her. He finally agreed to divorce her so he wouldn’t have to see her again. Paulina ran into Abe and told her what happened with Chanel. Abe tried to make her feel better, but she decided to leave Salem. Jake noticed a glass on the floor and wondered how it got there. Kristen didn’t know what happened. She tried to get him to see that Gabi was the one who was in his heart. He didn’t believe her premonition was true. She insisted he go to Gabi. Chloe was trying to find out about Lucas’ brain tumor. She called Brady to find out what he knew about Belle’s arrest. They talked about Belle’s situation until she said she had to see a doctor. He wanted to know why she wanted to see a doctor. Paulina explained that she had to tie up some things at home before she made Salem her home for good. Abe was happy to hear that she was staying. He realized he would miss her if she left town.

Days of Our Lives 04-26-21 Recap 26th April 2021.


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