Days of Our Lives 04-27-21 Recap 27th April 2021

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 04-27-21 Recap 27th April 2021

Days of Our Lives 04-27-21, Claire felt bad about Belle killing Charlie. She blamed herself for what she did. Shawn told Ciara that he found their mother. She couldn’t believe it. He told her how she went all over the world and was going to be in Salem tomorrow. Ben talked to Theo about not taking Ciara with him to South Africa. He didn’t want to listen to Ben. Ben begged him to let her stay in Salem. He promised to leave her alone if he didn’t take her with him. John couldn’t believe Belle killed Charlie. Marlena tried to make him feel better about what happened. She said that he only saw part of what happened. Belle told Claire that she didn’t kill Charlie because she didn’t go anywhere. Claire asked her how her button came off her coat. Jan ran into Nicole in the town square. Nicole wondered how she wasn’t in jail. Jan told her about the deal she made with Belle. She thought it was ironic that she was out of jail and Belle was accused of murder. Jan thought about killing Charlie. She told Nicole how Belle’s button was found at the scene and he threatened Claire. She said it wasn’t a bad thing that a rapist was gone. Nicole didn’t approve of murder, but that was’t the way Jan remembered her.

Days of Our Lives 04-27-21 Recap 27th April 2021

Jan and Nicole have a terse encounter. Meanwhile, Ben tries to prevent Ciara from leaving Salem, and Belle and John compare notes about Charlie’s murder.

Ciara told Shawn to stop their mother from coming home. She didn’t want her to see her there. Shawn realized what she meant and said he would tell Kayla to release her. She said it wouldn’t work because she was leaving Salem with Theo. Theo told Ben he wouldn’t make up a story for Ben. Ben said that he was only asking for a few days. Theo advised him to get out of Ciara’s way. He said the only thing he should do was let her go. Rafe talked to Ava about Belle being accused of killing Charlie. He said there was evidence against her, but he didn’t think she did it. Jan continued to talk to Nicole about Belle’s situation. Nicole didn’t believe that she felt sorry for Belle. She believed that she still hated Belle. Jan talked about how much Charlie deserved to die. Belle went to see John and Marlena to let them know she was okay. She explained how Shawn got Justin to be her lawyer. She said the only thing they had against her was the button. She said no one saw her. John told her that he saw her. He said he saw her shoot Charlie.

Shawn couldn’t believe Ciara wanted to move with Theo. He knew that she loved Ben. Ciara was upset and told him that she had to go in order to get away from Ben. Shawn wanted to stop her, but she was determined to leave. Ben told Claire that Ciara and Theo were leaving that day. He had a plan and wanted her to help him with it. Jan told Nicole that she could have easily killed Charlie after what he did to her Claire. She said she was still in a coma on the night of Charlie’s murder. Belle couldn’t believe John would accuse her of murder. He said he did see her at Charlie’s apartment. John and Marlena explained how he was under hypnosis. He wasn’t sure if he was the one who killed Charlie so he wanted Marlena to hypnotize him. He said he saw her with the red coat. She swore that she wasn’t at the apartment.

Ciara wanted Shawn to tell Hope to meet her in South Africa. She said she would be closer to her than being in Salem. She told him that she didn’t want to be attacked again. He wanted to know what she meant by that. She told him what Ben did to her. He was upset by what he heard. Ben told Claire his plan to kidnap Ciara. Claire was shocked by what she heard. She wanted to know where he was going to take her. He said he would take her to the cabin. He said the plan would work and she had to figure out how to distract Theo. She refused to let him do it. Ben told her how he had to do something to keep Ciara from leaving him. Claire said the plan wouldn’t work. She said Ciara only remembered that she tried to set her on fire. Claire said he would only push her far away. Ben asked her if she was going to distract Theo. She didn’t want to do it. He thought she was his friend. She said she was his friend, but she couldn’t let him do that to Ciara. He said he was fine with it, but he would do the plan on his own. 

John told Belle that he knew he saw her at Charlie’s place. He said it made sense that he blocked out what happened. Belle asked him if he saw her face when he was at the apartment. He said he saw her from behind. Marlena said that it might not have been her coat. Belle realized someone else was in Charlie’s apartment with her coat. She told them someone was framing her. Jan gave Nicole a piece of her mind when Nicole judged her actions. She told Nicole about being in love with Rafe when she was a married woman.

Days of Our Lives 04-27-21 Recap 27th April 2021.


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