Days of Our Lives 04-28-21 Recap 28th April 2021

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 04-28-21 Recap 28th April 2021

Days of Our Lives 04-28-21,
Belle talked to John and Marlena about who could have framed her. She thought Sami hated her enough to frame her. Jan taunted Shawn about Belle killing Charlie. He didn’t want to hear what she had to say. She told him about the button being missing on her jacket. Shawn insisted that Belle was innocent. Sami talked to Lucas about the lie he told Chloe. He didn’t know what else to tell her since he hadn’t talked to her. Sami thought he could have come up with any other excuse, but he didn’t know what else to say. He looked around and noticed Chloe was in the room. She didn’t hear him talking about lying to her. She only heard part of his conversation. Jan continued to tell Shawn about the missing button on Belle’s jacket. He told her that Trask would eventually see that and drop the charges. Trask let him know that she had no intention of dropping the charges. Belle accused Sami of trying to frame her. Marlena told her that Sami wouldn’t have done it.

Days of Our Lives 04-28-21 Recap 28th April 2021

Belle accuses Sami of framing her for Charlie’s murder. Meanwhile, Ben makes a surprising decision about Ciara, and Nicole is unhappy when Ava reveals she and Rafe shared a kiss.

Theo and Ciara were about to leave when Ben showed up at the hospital. Chloe told Lucas that he should see a specialist about his brain tumor. He didn’t want to do it. She set up an appointment for him to see the doctor. Sami wanted to know what happened and Belle accused her of framing her for Charlie’s murder. John told her about someone wearing Belle’s jacket. Belle said it had to be her because she didn’t do it. Sami said she didn’t do it either. Rafe arrived at the precinct and Trask told him to take Shawn off the case. She told him that Shawn lost his objectivity and she wanted him off the case. Rafe told her that Belle was innocent and that the real killer left the evidence there. Belle continued to accuse Sami of framing her. Sami denied framing her. Marlena told Belle that Sami couldn’t have taken the jacket because she was on a plane. Belle wasn’t sure she believed that. Sami had to leave.

Ben tried to give Ciara the washer he gave her as a ring. She said she didn’t want his junk. He said for her to take it for her father if she didn’t want to take it for him. John and Marlena suggested that Belle not tell anyone that she was being framed for the murder. Jan was willing to help Trask get information to prove Belle’s case. Trask knew she was a liar so she was about to leave. Jan said she had a recording that could prove Belle was the killer. Lucas tried to stop Chloe from taking him to the doctor. Sami walked in when he was about to say something. Sami asked him if the tumor was affecting him. Lucas said he couldn’t do it anymore, but Sami stopped him. Chloe said she wanted to help him so she made an appointment for him. Sami wanted to talk to Chloe. She wanted to push the appointment back a little later. Chloe left and Sami told Lucas that she would kill him if he didn’t go through with the plan. 

Trask wanted Jan to testify about the recording she found. Jan told her that she couldn’t do that because she thought John would kill her. Trask said she might not need her testimony if she could find the recording. Ciara didn’t understand why Ben was giving her a washer. He reminded her how he fixed her motorcycle. He said it would remind her of her father. She took the washer from him. Sami reminded Lucas how the DiMera’s feel about their women cheating on him so she wanted him to go through with the lie. She made it seem like Lucas fainted once Chloe came back in the room. John told Shawn about what he found out under hypnosis. Shawn said he wasn’t obligated to tell what he learned since Trask threw him off the case. Rafe told Trask there was no new evidence against Belle. Trask hated to ruin his moment, but she said she did have evidence that she wanted him to check out. Later, Rafe went to John and Marlena’s place. He told John that he needed him to go to the station. Rafe played the recording of John telling Marlena that Belle killed Charlie.

Days of Our Lives 04-28-21 Recap 28th April 2021.


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