Days of Our Lives 05-03-21 Recap 3rd May 2021

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 05-03-21 Recap 3rd May 2021

Days of Our Lives 05-03-21,
Jack and Chad walked up and saw Abby and Gwen arguing on the steps. One thing led to another and Gwen tumbled down the stairs. Jack rushed to Gwen and told Chad to call for help. Jake told Ben about Kate breaking up with him. Ben was shocked by the news. Jake explained to him what happened with Kate. Kristen snuck into the mansion to check on Kate. Kristen took off the Kate mask and went into the wine cellar to see Kate. Marlena told Sami that the police have a witness in the Charlie case. Sami was surprised the police had a witness for the case. Sami wanted to know who saw Belle shoot Charlie. Marlena let her know that John was the witness. 

Days of Our Lives 05-03-21 Recap 3rd May 2021

Kristen, disguised as Kate, fends off Roman’s romantic overtures. Sparks fly between Gabi and Jake. Jack and Chad question Abigail about Gwen’s fall. Gwen comes up with a horrific lie.

Sami couldn’t believe that John saw Belle shoot Charlie and just now said something. Marlena told her how he just remembered what happened. Sami couldn’t believe John would throw Belle under the bus. Marlena said he didn’t throw her under the bus. She admitted they were going to keep quiet about it, but Rafe found out about John’s hypnosis. She told her how he got the recording. Sami wanted to know how he got it. Marlena admitted that it was her recording. Roman talked to Philip and Gabi about what happened when Jake and “Kate” were at the pub. Philip told Gabi that she would have Jake on a silver platter now. Ben wondered if Kate was right to assume that Jake was into Gabi. He said that he wasn’t into Gabi, but Ben noticed the smile on his face when he talked about her. He told Jake that he thought Kate was right to think he was jealous.

Jack, Chad, and Abby arrived at the hospital. Jack wanted to find Gwen’s room. Abby didn’t like the way Chad was looking at her. He wanted to know what happened at the mansion. Jack found Gwen’s room and told her how he saw what happened. She couldn’t believe he saw it. Jack asked her about the baby. She thought about her conversation with Dr. Snyder telling her that the baby didn’t have a heartbeat. Dr. Snyder arrived in her room and wanted to know why she was admitted. Chad wanted answers from Abby. He told her how Gwen could have lost the baby. Jack told him that Gwen fell down the stairs. He checked her file and said it wasn’t there. Jack let him know it just happened. He asked Dr. Snyder about the baby. He wanted Jack to step out of the room so he could examine her. 

Jack went out in the hall to talk to Chad and Abby. Dr. Snyder realized that Gwen didn’t tell Jack that she lost the baby before she fell. He wanted to know if she wanted him to tell her father the truth. She thought about her argument with Abby. She didn’t want him to tell her father or anyone else about what happened to the baby. Gabi told Philip that she had no intention of going after Jake just because was back on the market. Jake said he wasn’t going back to Gabi just because he broke up with Kate. He told Ben he should know what he meant. He let Jake know that Ciara left town with Theo. Kristen told Kate that Jake didn’t care when she broke up with him. She told her how her kids don’t care for her either. She let Kate know that she wouldn’t be missed when she sent her away. 

Marlena told Sami about Rafe playing the recording she had. Sami couldn’t believe John actually saw Belle shoot Charle. Marlena said that they were able to put Rafe off, but it wouldn’t be for long. Sami wanted to be there for Marlena. Jake went back to the mansion to look for Kate. He ran into Gabi and he wanted to know what she said to make Kate break up with him. Gwen told Dr. Snyder that she would tell her family about the baby when she was ready. She didn’t want him to talk about it. Dr. Snyder advised her to talk to her family so she could get the support she needed. She said she would get the support she needed her way. Jack asked Dr. Snyder how she was doing. Jack wanted to know about the baby. He told him that Gwen didn’t want him to say anything. She wanted to talk about it herself. Chad went to see her. Abby told Jack that she was sorry about what happened. He was suspicious of the doctor. He got the feeling that the doctor examined her before. Chad went into Gwen’s room and she told him that the baby was a girl and that she lost it.

Kristen taunted Kate about Jake going after Gabi. She said she wouldn’t be surprised if Jake went after Gabi. Jake told Gabi that Kate wasn’t herself. She told him that any woman would have to be out of her mind to be with him. He said she would be certifiable. He said she would jump at the chance to be with him. Abby talked to Jack about what happened with Gwen. She told him how Gwen knew he would feel guilty about not being there for her and she played on it. Gwen told Chad that she lost the baby and it was Abby’s fault.

Days of Our Lives 05-03-21 Recap 3rd May 2021.


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