Days of Our Lives 05-04-21 Recap 4th May 2021

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 05-04-21 Recap 4th May 2021

Days of Our Lives 05-04-21,
Gwen told Chad and Abby that she lost the baby because of her. Abby said she didn’t push her down the steps. Gwen reminded her what she told her when they were on the stairs. She told Abby how she had everything and took her baby from her. Abby denied pushing Gwen. Gwen told them how Abby wanted her to get an abortion and when she didn’t she took care of it herself. She called Abby a murderer. Chad told her to leave the room. Kristen wanted to know how Sami was going to keep Chloe away from Brady. Sami told her that Lucas let Chloe think that he had a brain tumor. Kristen wanted to know how he was going to pull that off. Sami said he could do it. Chloe told Lucas how he could go to the doctor’s appointment. She planned on going with him to make sure that he was okay.

Days of Our Lives 05-04-21 Recap 4th May 2021

Abigail denies Gwen’s accusation. Kristen pressures Sami to get rid of Chloe. Lucas struggles to deceive Chloe. Ava and Rafe discuss where they stand with one another.

Abby saw Jack at the hospital and told him how Gwen lost the baby. She also told him that Gwen blamed her for what happened. Gwen assumed Chad believed Abby. He said it was a terrible situation. She told him how it was terrible for her, but not for him. Ava and Rafe had an uncomfortable conversation about their kiss. Rafe said she moved in, but they were never supposed to get involved with each other. He said they could forget about the kiss if she wanted to do it. She said she didn’t want to forget about it because it was the best thing that happened to her in a long time. She said the kiss was very nice. She told him about her conversation with Nicole. She let him know that Nicole didn’t think they were a good idea. 

Sami assured Kristen that Lucas would be able to convince Chloe that she had the cancer. Lucas called Sami to let her know that he had to make the cancer appointment. Lucas wanted her to help him because Chloe would find out the truth. Sami made it seem like he had a plan that would work. Abby wanted to know if Jack believed she wanted Gwen’s baby to die. Chad told Gwen that he didn’t want the baby to die. She thought he did want the baby to die because he hated her. He said he didn’t want the baby because she tricked him, but he would never want a baby to die. He said they didn’t plan to have the child together so they didn’t talk about anything. He would never want his child to die and he would have supported it.

Rafe wondered why Nicole would care if he got together with Ava. She said Nicole thought she was taking advantage of the situation. She said Nicole thought he was vulnerable. Rafe wondered why Nicole was so concerned about a kiss. Ava thought about her last conversation with Nicole. Rafe said what they do isn’t any of Nicole’s business. Chad didn’t want Gwen to be alone, but he wasn’t the right one to be there for her. He wanted to know if there was someone he could call. She said he knew there wasn’t anyone he could call. She blamed herself for why she was alone. She said she didn’t forget what she did to him and Abby. She thought the baby would have given her a chance to think about someone other than herself. She hoped the baby would help her change. He told her that she would have been a good mother. She said she would never know because of Abby.

Abby wanted Jack to tell her that he believed she wouldn’t push a pregnant woman down the stairs. She reminded him how he believed Gwen when she said her death was an accident. She said how he knew her all her life so he should believe her. He wanted to check on Gwen. Jack went to Gwen’s room and told her that he knew what happened. Gwen told him how she lost her baby. Chad went to Abbby to let her know Jack was with Gwen. Abby asked Chad if he believed that she didn’t push Gwen. Chad said he believed her. He said she knew Gwen was pregnant and wondered why she would argue with her at the top of the stairs. She asked him if she believed her. He walked away from her.

Days of Our Lives 05-04-21 Recap 4th May 2021.


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