Days of Our Lives 05-12-21 Recap 12th May 2021

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 05-12-21 Recap 12th May 2021

Days of Our Lives 05-12-21,
Kristen was dressed as a nurse so she could see Brady. Chloe thought she looked familiar, but she overlooked it. Kristen said she was there to prep Brady for surgery. Chloe left the room. Kristen took off her mask and sat beside Brady. Chloe ran into Kayla and she wondered why she wasn’t with Brady. Chloe told her about the nurse who wanted to prep Brady for surgery. Kayla wondered which nurse did that. Sami told John and Marlena about Brady being in the hospital. They wanted to know what happened, but she didn’t have many details. They rushed to the hospital. Sami wanted to know why Nicole was with Xander so she went to the Salem Inn to check on her. Nicole wanted Xander to give her the phone. He said they weren’t supposed to be worrying about their troubles. Steve ran into Rafe at Julie’s Place and found out he was on a date with Ava. He let Rafe know that he wasn’t happy about him being out with her.

Days of Our Lives 05-12-21 Recap 12th May 2021

Sami is curious when she spies Xander and Nicole together, Steve is stunned to learn Rafe is on a date with Ava, and Kristen makes another desperate move.

Chloe said she didn’t get the nurse’s name, but she was prepping Brady for surgery. Kayla didn’t think it was strange that she didn’t get her name, but she said she just put him on the surgery list. Chloe thought it was strange that the nurse would prep him so soon. John and Marlena arrived just before Kayla could answer her. They wanted to know what happened to Brady so Kayla told them. John wanted to go see him. Kristen was pouring her heart out to Brady when John arrived. She had to put her mask back on her face so he wouldn’t see her. Steve warned Rafe about the type of person Ava was and that he needed to be careful. Rafe tried to defend her, but she was fine with him talking about her. Rafe appreciated Steve’s advice, but he was on a date with her. Ava said that Steve had a right to say the things he said because everything was true.

Xander thought Nicole was into Rafe. She kept defending herself. He told her how she kept staring at the phone waiting for him to call her. She reminded him that she’s married. He said that she was desperate to check the phone because she was lonely and attracted to Rafe. Nicole admitted that she was attracted to Rafe. Sami was listening outside of the door. Ava admitted she was obsessed with Steve. She said she didn’t know the difference between love and obsession. She said that she didn’t grow up around it. She talked about her childhood. She wanted Steve and Rafe to know that she was aware that what she did was wrong. She wanted to be a better person for herself and Tripp. Ava wanted to be a better woman for Rafe. She apologized to Steve for everything she did to him and Kayla as well as the rest of his family. 

Sami was about to go inside Xander’s room when her phone vibrated. Kristen called her to tell her that she wanted to meet her. She said she was busy. Kristen didn’t care. She wanted Sami to meet her or her next call was going to be to EJ. Xander knew Nicole was in love with Rafe. He laughed at her and she wondered why it was so funny. She said Ava was out with Rafe. Xander thought it was strange that someone like Rafe would be with Ava. He told her that she was jealous. She admitted that she was jealous even though Ava is her friend. Sami met with Kristen in the park. Sami asked about Brady. She told her how he was getting ready for surgery. Sami couldn’t believe someone tried to run him off the road. Sami wanted to know why she wanted to meet her. She said she wanted her to help her find Kate. Sami said she ran into Kate at the hospital unless it wasn’t her. Kristen finally admitted that she was Kate. She wanted to know why she dressed up as Kate. She said it didn’t matter so Sami was about to leave. Kristen told her that she kidnapped her and she escaped.

Steve appreciated Ava’s apology, but he wasn’t ready to move on and forgive her yet. He wanted to look out for his friend. Steve left them alone. Ava warned Rafe that he was always going to have to answer questions about why he’s with someone like her. She understood if he wanted to leave since she’s not the right one for him. He said he was where he wanted to be. Nicole continued to tell Xander how she loved her husband. She called herself a terrible person because she got into a fight with Eric, but she wanted to call Rafe to make her feel better. She admitted that she wanted to crash Rafe’s date. Xander asked her if that was when she wanted to go to the Pub to get drunk. Xander advised her not to go after good guys. He said they weren’t worthy of good people. He told her that they were alike. He asked her if she wanted to go to bed with him. 

Kristen told Sami what she did to Kate. Sami realized she was the one who caused Brady’s accident. She said Brady was fighting for his life because of her. Marlena wanted to know what was taking Sami so long to get to the hospital. Chloe said she might be with Lucas. Marlena noticed the tone in her voice when she said they were probably together. She didn’t want to talk about it. John showed up and said that Brady didn’t wake up, but he talked to him. Chloe said he woke up for a few minutes and told her that Kristen wasn’t Kristen. Nicole said that she would never sleep with Xander. He said that’s why he kept trying to get her in bed. Xander told her that she could keep waiting for something to happen. He wasn’t going to wait for Sarah to come to her senses and leave. He said she should do the same. She wanted him to stop talking. She ripped his shirt open and slapped him. She kissed him and they went to the bed.

Days of Our Lives 05-12-21 Recap 12th May 2021.


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