Days of Our Lives 05-18-22 Recap 18th May 2022

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 05-18-22 Recap 18th May 2022

Days of Our Lives 05-18-22,

Lani had a dream about TR. She jolted awake and saw Eli. He wanted to know what really happened when TR was shot. She told him that it wasn’t his case and he should focus on getting better. Eli said he was worried about Paulina. She was worried too and wanted to go see her. 

Abe thought about Paulina asking someone what they did. Steve went to see Abe. He told him how Tripp came back to life. They talked about TR. They wondered how Paulina got her hands on a service gun. Eli went to see Abe so Steve wanted to check on Tripp. Abe surprised Eli when he told him that Paulina used Lani’s gun to shoot TR. Eli told him that Lani only told him that Paulina said she shot TR. He wondered why she would phrase it that way when she witnessed it. Abe remembered hearing Paulina ask someone what they’ve done. He thought Paulina was talking to Lani. Eli wondered if he thought Lani was the one who shot TR.

Days of Our Lives 05-18-22 Recap 18th May 2022

Lani and Paulina keep a secret from Eli and Abe. Steve raises Abe’s suspicions. Nicole is disappointed by Eric’s news. Xander and Maggie struggle to tell Sarah the truth.

Paulina sat handcuffed in the interrogation room. She thought about TR. Rafe had questions for Paulina. He wanted to know how she ended up with Lani’s weapon. She lied to Rafe and said she grabbed Lani’s gun and shot TR through the heart. Rafe reminded her that TR wasn’t a threat at the time. He wanted to know what happened. He wanted to know if Lani did something. Paulina said Lani didn’t do anything wrong. She said she couldn’t help it. She lost it and shot him. She felt like he deserved it. 
Lani went to see Paulina after Rafe left. She felt she should have been in that chair instead of her. Paulina told her that she knew what she was doing. She wanted Lani to stick to the story. Paulina told her the story of how she got the gun from her holster. Paulina refused to let Lani risk her job and her family for him. Lani told her that she could go to prison. Paulina thought she could use PTSD as her defense. She thought about what TR did to her and berated herself for letting him back in their lives. She refused to let him hurt her daughter anymore. Lani held Paulina. Paulina said the family could survive without her. She didn’t think the family could survive without Lani. Paulina wanted her to let her do it.

Days of Our Lives 05-18-22 Recap 18th May 2022.


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