Days of Our Lives 05-23-22 Recap 23rd May 2022

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 05-23-22 Recap 23rd May 2022

Days of Our Lives 05-23-22,

Belle was upset when Jan wanted her to take her things out of her office so she could have a nursery. She yelled at Jan. Jan reminded her that she’s pregnant. Belle didn’t care. She continued to yell at her until Shawn walked in the room. He wanted to know what was going on with them. Belle told him why she yelled at her. Belle said that she was trying to come between them. Johnny kissed Chanel. He wanted her to go with him to his place. She was surprised by what he wanted. Gabi, Li and the DiMeras were having a meeting. Kirsten surprised them when she appeared on the video call. Gabi told her that she was being tossed out of the company. Chad and Jake assumed that Kristen was going to vote with the family so her vote wouldn’t make a difference. She made them think that her vote was going against the family.

Chanel told Johnny that the world didn’t stop just because he didn’t remember it. She said things change and people change. He told her that he loved her. She said that she loved him too. She also told him that she loved Allie. Allie told Tripp that she was in love with Chanel. Jan told Belle and Shawn wanted to sleep in the same room as him since Belle wouldn’t change her office. Belle yelled at her that it wouldn’t happen again. She also told Jan that her baby would be a teenager by the time she got out of prison. Jan said that wouldn’t happen. Belle planned to make sure that she went back to prison. They went back and forth again until Shawn came between them again.

Days of Our Lives 05-23-22 Recap 23rd May 2022

EJ and Chad team up to oust Gabi. Gabi receives help from an unexpected ally. Jan gets under Belle’s skin. Johnny impresses upon Chanel how much he still loves her.

Chad and EJ reminded Kristen that she’s their sister so they didn’t think she would really vote against them. She let Li know that she was ready to vote. She decided to vote against the family so Gabi and Jake could keep running the company. Chad was surprised by what she wanted. Chanel explained to Johnny that she was dealing with a lot of stuff so she wasn’t ready to settle down with anyone right now. Chad thought Kristen’s vote shouldn’t be valid since she’s in prison. Li said that she could make her vote. Chad and EJ didn’t understand why she would vote against her brothers. She said Jake was her brother too. Chad told her that she barely knew him. She was fine with that. Belle continued to give Jan a piece of her mind. Jan told her that she was jealous that she was having Shawn’s baby and that they were going to be parents together. Belle told her that wasn’t going to happen. Jan grabbed her stomach. Jan said something was wrong.

Belle asked Jan when the pain started. She said it started when she started yelling at her. Shawn took her to the hospital. Tripp talked to Allie about how easy it would be for her to stay with him. He thought she would be able to avoid dealing with her feelings for Chanel. Johnny told Chanel that he wanted a do over with her. Chanel thought he was sweet. She told him that she wanted to wait and see what happened. Kristen told EJ why she voted against the family. She said that he didn’t want to represent him. He said that he sent her an attorney. She said he wouldn’t visit her in prison. She said that her vote for Jake would keep the company in the family. She decided to end the call.

Tripp told Allie that it would be okay with him if she let him go. He said it would be the nicest thing she could do for him. She wanted to know what he was saying. Jan told Shawn that her cramping was normal. He told her that she should have been relaxing. She said she was arguing with Belle when she was in pain. He warned her not to keep stressing herself out. Chad and EJ warned Gabi and Jake that they weren’t going to give up until they had the company back. She kicked them out of her office. Gabi and Jake hugged each other after they left.


Days of Our Lives 05-23-22 Recap 23rd May 2022.


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