Days of Our Lives 05-26-21 Recap 26th May 2021

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 05-26-21 Recap 26th May 2021

Days of Our Lives 05-26-21,
Jan held Claire at gunpoint. She wanted Claire to keep driving or she would shoot her. Claire told her that someone might have been in the trunk when they heard a noise. Xander called Nicole and told her to come to his room immediately. She had no intention of doing that. He warned her that he would tell how they slept together if she didn’t see him. Sami told Lucas that EJ knew about them sleeping together. Lucas thought he would have showed up there. There was a knock on the door and Sami thought it was EJ. Rafe was the one behind the door. He wanted information about how they ended up in the DiMera tunnels. Sami explained what happened. Philip let Brady and Kristen know that she lied about where she put Chloe. Kristen denied knowing what happened to her. She wanted Brady to believe him. Brady finally believed that she was telling the truth. Jan and Claire heard noise in the trunk. Jan finally decided to check out the noise. She warned Claire not to try to leave or she would shoot her in the leg. 

Days of Our Lives 05-26-21 Recap 26th May 2021

Jan ends up with two hostages instead of one; Kristen and Brady find themselves at a crossroads; Rafe grills Sami and Lucas; and Xander blackmails Nicole.

Nicole arrived at Xander’s place. He told her that he owed a lot of money to the Inn so he needed money. He wanted her to pay him since Sami backed out on him. She wasn’t going to pay him. He said Sami knew they were together. Rafe continued to ask Sami and Lucas about how they got involved with Kristen. She made it seem like she figured out who she was while she was staying at the townhouse. Rafe wanted to know how Lucas got involved in the situation. He reminded Rafe that he went to him for help, but he wouldn’t help him. Sami said that Lucas had a head injury. Rafe wanted to know how he got a head injury. Lucas told him that Kristen hit him in the head. Rafe said that he tried to tell him something before, but he didn’t want to betray the confidence of the other person involved. He wanted to know if Sami was the other person. 

Nicole called Xander’s bluff and told him to tell that they were together. Xander said Sami would believe him. She said there was no proof they were together. He told her there was a witness. Kristen told Brady she wasn’t thinking clearly when she went through with her plan. Brady told her that she could have killed everyone he cared about. She felt bad for what she did. She said she needed him to acknowledge that he loved her. She needed to know if he did. Shawn arrived at the police station and ran into Philip. Philip told him that Kristen said where Chloe was, but Shawn wasn’t interested. Philip knew he didn’t like him, but he said Chloe was his friend. Shawn told him to get someone else to help. He said that he was trying to find Claire. Philip wanted to know what happened to Claire. He said that Jan took her. Jan checked the trunk of the car and saw Chloe tied up in the back. 

Jan wanted Chloe to stop making noise. Chloe asked her for help. Jan told her that she wouldn’t help her. Shawn told Philip about what Jan did. Shawn told him that Belle planned on telling Justin that she killed Charlie so she wouldn’t kill Claire. Nicole couldn’t believe that someone saw them together. He reminded her about when she showed up to find her ring. He said someone heard them talking about sleeping together. Kristen told Brady that she did everything she did because she loved him. She said she was alone and scared. She went to really dark places. She said she couldn’t live without him. She asked him if he still loved her. Brady admitted that he still loved her. He said he would always love her. Sami asked Rafe why she would know what Lucas was thinking. She said he didn’t confide in her. Rafe figured out that Kristen had something on them and wanted to know what she knew.

Sami told Rafe that she and Lucas couldn’t help him with Kristen. Rafe said she dodged the question. He reminded her that Kate was in a coma and Chloe was missing. He asked her if she cared. She said she cared. Rafe told her that she lied to him before when he was trying to help her. He said he needed her to start talking. Sami said that she didn’t know anything about Chloe. She wanted to know if he talked to Xander. Nicole wanted to know who was the witness. He wasn’t going to tell her who it was for free. She said that she didn’t have the money. He said there was something she could do for him. He wanted her to give him a job. Philip told Shawn that he needed access to security footage so he could find her. Jan told Chloe that she wasn’t going to shoot her. Jan got back in the car while Claire tried to escape. Claire wanted to know what was in the trunk. She told her it was a stowaway. 

Kristen was relieved that Brady still loved her. She thought everything would be okay. He told her that she didn’t let him finish. He said he loved her, but he couldn’t be with her anymore. Claire couldn’t believe someone was in the trunk. Jan told her that someone else put Chloe in the trunk. She told Jan that she could suffocate in the trunk. Brady told Kristen that she won’t change. He said he did everything to assure her that she was the love of his life. She said she was weak. He told her how she broke out of prison twice. She wanted to know what she was supposed to do. He told her that the things she did were nuts. She said it wasn’t nuts because she loved him. He said she did too much. Her obsession was still there. He said it was never going to change and he couldn’t do it anymore. She begged him not to give up on her. She said she did horrible things and couldn’t take all of the blame. She said he admitted that he had feelings for Chloe. He said his feelings for Chloe weren’t why he wouldn’t be with her. He said she was the reason why he wouldn’t be with her.

Nicole told Xander that she couldn’t give him a job. She said Brady hated him just as much as she did. He told her that he would go to Sami if she didn’t give him a job. Sami and Lucas told Rafe about the gun Xander brought there. Rafe warned them not to act so guilty the next time someone looks for info from them. Sami told Lucas that they had to be smarter if they were going to keep their secret. He said that Kristen might tell what she knew. Brady reminded Kristen about the things she did wrong. She said she would go back to prison. She wanted him to think about their daughter. He said he was thinking about her. He said that she would always be a threat as long as he was with her. He told her that it was over for good this time. He walked out of the room. Shawn and Philip looked at the security footage. Philip saw his mother’s car and realized Kristen was telling the truth. He saw two people get in Kate’s car. They realized that Jan kidnapped Claire with Chloe in the trunk. Claire begged Jan to call the police anonymously so Chloe could get help. Jan didn’t want to do it. She was going to have two hostages. Xander was going to give Nicole 24 hours to decide whether to give him a job. She was about to leave his room when Rafe was on the other side of the door.

Days of Our Lives 05-26-21 Recap 26th May 2021.


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