Days of Our Lives 06-09-21 Recap 9th June 2021

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 06-09-21 Recap 9th June 2021

Days of Our Lives 06-09-21,
Sami wanted Lucas to wear a wire so he could help her prove that Nicole cheated on Eric. Nicole sent an email to Eric admitting that she cheated on him. Xander pretended to be a patient so he could see Dr. Snyder. He was suspicious of Xander when he insulted Gwen. Kayla confronted Gwen about her relationship with Dr. Snyder. Kayla told her there were rumors that he was threatening her. Gwen wanted to know what Xander told her. Kayla wanted to know why Xander was involved. Xander slipped and said that Gwen wasn’t lovely when Dr. Snyder said she was. He admitted that he was there because he knew he gave her drugs. Nicole was about to send her email to Eric when Abe showed up. She closed the laptop and talked to him. 

Days of Our Lives 06-09-21 Recap 9th June 2021

EJ DiMera returns to Salem.Lucas suggests to Sami they give their relationship another shot. Chanel makes a puzzling discovery. Nicole contemplates confessing her one-night stand to Eric. Xander warns Dr. Snyder to leave Gwen alone.

Lucas didn’t want to help Sami. She tried to convince him to do it. She explained what she wanted him to do. He told her that it wasn’t going to work. She opened his shirt to put on the wire. He told her that he didn’t want to help her. Chanel was at Paulina’s place and wanted to know what she was doing with the town square. Paulina didn’t want her snooping through her things. Chanel said that her plan didn’t look like she was looking out for the business owners. Paulina lied to Chanel about the plans being for another town. Chanel seemed to believe what she said. Paulina congratulated her on Abe approving her loan. Chanel thought she didn’t believe she could do it. Nicole talked to Abe about how long Eric was gone. She confided in him that she was going to send him an email and their marriage would be over. She wasn’t sure what she should do.

Sami kept trying to convince Lucas to help her. She told him what happened when she went to the hotel. He wanted to know why she was obsessed with finding out about Nicole. He wanted to know if she was doing that because Nicole cheated on Eric or because she cheated on EJ. Gwen figured out that Tripp was the one who warned Kayla about Dr. Snyder threatening her. Kayla told her that he was worried about her. Xander confronted Dr. Snyder about having Gwen deal drugs for him. Gwen told Kayla that Dr. Snyder wasn’t threatening her. She said he was rude, but he didn’t threaten her. She appreciated Kayla helping her since she didn’t get along with Abby. She ended up snapping at her and blaming Abby for losing her baby. Kayla wanted to know why she thought she talked to Xander. She lied to her and Kayla believed it.

Xander warned Dr. Snyder to leave Gwen alone or he would be using pain killers. Xander left the office. Abe asked Nicole if she wanted her marriage to be over. She didn’t want it to be, but she wrote things in her email that he wouldn’t be able to forgive. Abe wanted her to think about their wedding. She said it was a good day until Sami ruined it. She said they were together shortly before he left her. Lucas wanted to know if Sami was focusing on Nicole’s affair so she wouldn’t have to deal with her own affair. Sami admitted that was what she was doing. She didn’t know what she was going to do when she went home. She knew EJ would see through her. She said that Rafe suspected something by looking at her. Lucas gave her an excuse to use for EJ. She didn’t think it would work. She said she loved EJ and couldn’t believe she hurt him. Lucas told her that she might be in love with him too.

Dr. Snyder called Gwen and warned her to stop her friend from threatening him or he would tell Jack the truth. She wanted to know which friend threatened him. He said it was Xander. Xander walked in the room and Gwen wanted to know what he was doing. Nicole continued to talk to Abe about her marriage falling apart. She was impressed to see people who can have long marriages like him and Lexie. He said their marriage wasn’t easy. Nicole wanted to know how he got over her infidelity. He said it wasn’t easy and he almost walked away. He told her that Lexie was the love of his life and he didn’t want anyone else. He said they worked through it because he knew the truth. Sami didn’t admit if she loved Lucas or not. He reminded her how she sat by EJ’s side and he treated her badly. He told her that they always had chemistry and that she should give them another shot. 

Kayla confronted Dr. Snyder and told him that she wanted to see Gwen’s file. He didn’t want to show her the file. She asked him if there was a reason why he didn’t want her to see it. Gwen wanted to know why Xander had to confront Dr. Snyder. He said he was trying to help her. She said if he did it again he would destroy her life. Xander said he knew about her miscarriage. Lucas told Sami that he wanted to have the magic he had with her again. Sami said that she had a problem because she’s married. He told her how she referred to him in the past tense. He said he wanted another chance. Lucas wanted an answer from Sami about getting back together. She was about to give in when there was a knock on the door. EJ was there to see her.

Days of Our Lives 06-09-21 Recap 9th June 2021.


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