Days of Our Lives 06-14-21 Recap 14th June 2021

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 06-14-21 Recap 14th June 2021

Days of Our Lives 06-14-21,
Lucas wanted Sami to be with him. She didn’t answer because EJ was at the door. He told Sami and Lucas how he wanted to take her home. He knew Lucas knew why he did it. Lucas wasn’t sure what he meant. EJ reminded him how Charlie attacked their daughter. EJ was surprised she didn’t resort to her old tricks. He said that she and Lucas couldn’t be in the same room without sparks flying. Lucas said that he wanted to be there for Sami and wondered what happened to him. Jake saw Kristen with a tablet, but he managed not to see her reading it. She told him that she was listening to it. He talked to her about what Kristen did to make him think she was Kate. Kate interrupted him and said he fell into bed with Gabi afterwards. Kate told him that she forgave him.

Days of Our Lives 06-14-21 Recap 14th June 2021

Philip and Brady lock horns over Chloe. Xander pressures Nicole to give in to his demands. Kate plays mind games with Jake. Sami is surprised to learn why EJ has returned to Salem.

Jake was surprised that Kate forgave him. She knew what Kristen did broke his heart. She realized that he went to Gabi because he was heartbroken. She knew he wouldn’t have given Gabi a second look if Kristen hadn’t tricked him. She said she acted tough, but it was an act right now. She said she was scared. She said she sits in the dark and feels alone. She told him the doctor said her blindness was permanent. She started crying and thought she looked like a mess. He said she looked beautiful. Chad talked to Gabi about being with Jake. He wanted her to think about what happened to Kate. She felt bad, but she was going to apologize for being with Jake. She had no intention of letting Kate have him.

Philip and Brady argued over Chloe and where she was going to stay. Philip wanted to take care of her, but Brady wanted her to stay with him. Chloe wanted them to stop arguing with each other, but they kept going. Lucas got mad at EJ and wanted to know where he was when Sami was accused of murder. Lucas left them alone so they could talk. Sami agreed that they needed to talk. Philip insisted that Chloe stay at the mansion with him because it was safe there. Brady said that she would be safe with him too. Philip reminded him how Kristen wouldn’t want him to live with him. EJ talked to Sami about the way he treated her when she took care of him. He felt bad for the way he acted. Chloe knew Brady didn’t like the idea of her staying with Philip, but she thought she would be safer. She said Victor hated her, but Kristen and Jan tried to kill her. Brady said he wanted her to lean on him since she took care of him.

EJ wanted to know what happened between Sami and Lucas. Chad talked to Jake about Kate and Gabi. Chad was surprised that he was still alive after telling Kate that he was sleeping with Gabi. Jake told him that he saw a different side of Kate while they were talking. Chad let him know that he had to break up with Gabi. Chad couldn’t believe he let Gabi talk him into telling Kate the truth about his relationship with her. He said he didn’t have any choice. He had to put Gabi on hold. Jake wanted to know how he was supposed to break up with Gabi. Chad didn’t give him an answer. Lucas went to see Kate at the hospital. He told her about EJ being back in town. EJ admitted to Sami that he knew that Kristen hired Xander to kill her and Lucas. She wanted to know why he stopped the payment if he knew what Xander did. He explained that Xander was a thug who wasn’t too bright. He knew she could handle herself with him. Sami got mad that he just assumed she could take care of herself. He said that he would take care of Xander.

Days of Our Lives 06-14-21 Recap 14th June 2021.


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