Days of Our Lives 06-15-21 Recap 15th June 2021

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Days of Our Lives 06-15-21 Recap 15th June 2021

Days of Our Lives 06-15-21,
Lucas tried to convince Sami not to leave town with EJ. She didn’t want to listen to him. Lucas told her that EJ wasn’t there for her when she needed him. He told her he was there for her and they made love. Nicole tried to get Xander to leave Basic Black. Brady showed up and wondered what was going on. She told him that they should give Xander a job there. Brady didn’t want to give him a job. He wanted to know why she wanted to give him a job. Sami wanted Lucas to stop throwing up in her face that they made love. She said EJ told her he changed. Lucas didn’t believe he changed. She said she and Lucas were connected. She said their feelings were always going to be there. She said she cared about him. She said it had to end now. She wanted him to accept it. He said he wasn’t accepting it. 

Days of Our Lives 06-1-21 Recap 15th June 2021

EJ is tempted by Tony’s proposal. Marlena catches Lucas and Sami in a close moment. Gabi and Jake fight over Kate. Someone stumbles onto Kate’s lies.

Tony wanted EJ to stay in town for a while. Tony wanted him to run the business. Tony told EJ that Jake wasn’t suited to run the business. EJ said Jake wouldn’t be CEO if Shin didn’t approve. EJ wondered why Chad stepped away. Chad confronted Kate about the mirror. He asked if she was trying to pull a fast one. She admitted to pretending to be blind. She reminded him that he pretended to be dying to get Abby in his bed. He asked why she was pretending to be blind. He asked if it was because of Jake. Jake told Gabi that he didn’t tell Kate about being with her. Gabi wanted to know why he didn’t tell her. He said he told her they slept together and she forgave him. She didn’t believe Kate would have forgiven them. She asked why he didn’t tell Kate the truth. She told him to stand by her. He said he didn’t want Kate. He said he wanted her. They started to make love.

EJ and Tony talked about Chad and Abby. EJ mentioned how his affair with Abby almost ruined his marriage. Tony wanted to know why he was back in town. Lucas refused to accept that Sami wanted to go back with EJ. He told her that she wanted to go back to an entitled jerk. She said she had to go back to him. He reminded her how they made love. They didn’t just have sex. They loved each other. He told her that she knew where to find him when she came to her senses. He was about to leave when she called him. He kissed her. Marlena walked in and saw them kissing each other. Marlena interrupted them and Sami said they were saying goodbye. He told her to have a safe trip home. Marlena was confused by what Lucas meant. Sami told her that she was going back to Italy. She let Marlena know that EJ was back in Salem. 

EJ said that the darker side of his personality took over him after what happened. He said he took his anger out on Sami. He said that he almost took all of the fire out of her. He saw that she had it back once Allie needed her. He wanted to bring her home. Tony was surprised she was going home with her. Tony didn’t buy it. He knew that he said everything he had to say to get what she wanted. After they made love, Gabi insisted Jake tell Kate the truth about their relationship. Jake felt like he would be kicking her when she was down since she’s blind. Chad thought something was fishy when Jake told him that Kate forgave her. She didn’t like how he figured it out. He said he had to find out what she was up to. Chad reminded Kate that she wasn’t the type of person to grovel over a man who didn’t want her. She said she didn’t want him back. She wanted to make him and Gabi pay for what they did to her.

Brady wanted to know if Nicole wanted Xander at Basic Black because Eric didn’t want to come home. She said that wasn’t what she was doing. Brady said that they couldn’t trust Xander. She reminded him how he left her high and dry and she allowed him to come back to the company. Marlena was surprised that EJ suddenly wanted Sami to come home and she wanted to do it. Sami explained that she and EJ needed time alone. Marlena felt like EJ was giving you an ultimatum and that would make it hard to work things out. EJ talked to Tony about Jake taking over the family business. He suggested that EJ stay and run the business. Brady finally agreed to let Xander work at Basic Black. He told Nicole that she was going to be the one dealing with him. Marlena wondered if Sami agreed to go to Italy to be with EJ or to get away from Lucas. EJ said that he had to focus on his relationship with Sami. Tony thought they were happier in Salem. Tony wanted EJ to come back to the company and stay in town permanently. 

Chad thought it was strange that Kate’s doctor couldn’t tell the difference between a blind person and a sighted one. Kate told him that her doctor knew the truth. She was blackmailing him to keep quiet. She wanted Chad to help her with her plan. Gabi wanted to sneak around with Jake. He said it would be hard because Chad would be watching him. She didn’t care what Chad thought. He said that he would be a bum like everyone said if he walked away from Kate. Chad said that he was a DiMera so he knew about being loyal to his friends. She wanted him to shake her hand and promised to keep quiet. He shook her hand and said he would keep her secret. Marlena wanted to know what Kristen had on Sami and Lucas. EJ arrived just before she could answer.

Days of Our Lives 06-15-21 Recap 15th June 2021.


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